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Creation of value-added services based on Harmonized Land Use and Land Cover Datasets (HLANDATA)
Start date: Mar 1, 2010, End date: Feb 28, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Land Use and Land Cover are amongst the most important geographic information themes today because they are essential for many applications areas.Unfortunately, despite the initiatives which have already been carried out and others that are being carried out at present moment, there is no valid data harmonization model for the Land Cover and Land Use datasets, taking into account both the data categorization and the data model and the end users' specificities, which could be valid for all the application areas and at a European level.The HLANDATA project aims at making a significant step forward in overcoming the aforementioned barrier, fostering the use of the Land Use and Land Cover geographic data at a European level, through the creation of value-added European services. The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the feasible European level harmonization of the Land Use and Land Cover datasets taking into account both the data categorization and the data models, for any of their possible uses and users, through the development of user oriented value-added services.In order to achieve this objective, newly developed web services will be used for the implementation of 3 pilot projects in 3 different application areas, which will be used to validate the harmonization proposal made:•\tPILOT 1: Land Use- Land Cover Data Analysis System for intermediate-level users•\tPILOT 2: Harmonized and Interoperable Land Information Systems•\tPILOT 3: Stratification of waste dumpsEach of the pilot projects will result on a Land Use model for a specific application area. The assessment of the results of these pilot projects and the related Land Use models will lead to the generation of a harmonized Land Use Classification scheme and a methodology for the harmonization of the Land Use datasets.

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