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Creation of university-enterprise cooperation networks for education on sustainable technologies
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The main aim of this Joint European Project proposal Creation of university-enterprise cooperation networks for education on sustainable technologies is to enhance universityenterprise cooperation in BA, RS and MK by offering retraining courses to staff members from industry on sustainable technology.The problem analysis indicates very clearly that actually there is a big lack in WB industry on developing sustainable technology in order to improve environmental protection in the three participating partner countries BA, RS and MK. In a first phase the accent will be put on an inventory of the existing knowledge in industry regarding sustainable technology. Also experts of EU universities will carry out a short study visit to the partner country universities involved in this proposal. This will be followed by a retraining and updating session on sustainable technology in each EU university. Emphasis will be put on practical implementation of zero emission policy in EU countries. It is very important that WB partner university staff members are retrained in the most modern technologies. Afterwards WB partner country universities will use the newly gained experience to develop new curricula for retraining industry staff members. Several course development workshops will be organised. The courses will be developed by the WB partner university country staff members. All courses will be in full accordance with ECTS demands. It is planned to develop 4 courses who will focus on sustainability, zero emission technologies, material and energy management flows and case studies. All courses will be modular and will be tailor-made in order to satisfy the needs of industry. All course material will be evaluated by trainees of industry and by the individual experts involved in this project. Received feedback will be used to the improve quality of the developed courses.Dissemination is an important element in the project implementation. An up-to date website will be developed and several dissemination conferences will be organised in order to present the project results to a wider audience. A dissemination booklet will contain the results of all achieved outcomes.Sustainability of project results will be focused on the development of a strategic plan for the retraining of industry staff in sustainable technology. This will be a joint activity of all involved Partner country universities in cooperation with the participating Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Quality control and monitoring will consist of the elaboration of an annual internal quality report by Trier University and an annual external quality report by both individual experts involved in this project. A strong management structure will assure a smooth running project in order to realise the project activities. Therefore every six months a planning and coordination visit will be organised.The proposed project proposal fits very well in the development strategy of the reform of higher education in BA, RS and MK. University-Enterprise cooperation is an essential element in the further implementation of the Bologna process in WB countries. Also the adaptation of environmental standards in BA, RS and MK will bring the WB partner countries closer to EU. This will enable further steps in the pre-accession process of the WB partner further steps in the pre-accession process of the WB partner countries involved in this proposal.
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