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Creation of European agricultural understanding
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project of Landjugend Österreich has the title “Creation of European agricultural understanding” and the participants are teenagers from all over Austria. The participants come from rural regions and are aged between 15 and 18 years. They attend agricultural schools, most of the 150 participants attend an agricultural college. They will do an agricultural traineeship in one of eleven European countries. The traineeship is compulsory as it’s written in the curriculum of the school and will take place in Denmark, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden or in Spain. The traineeship will run between 4 and 52 weeks, depends on the school type. There is a difference in the duration of the traineeship between the higher agricultural schools and the agricultural colleges in Austria. The participants have some theoretical knowledge and some experiences because of practical lessons in the agricultural subjects. But most of the students were grown up on the farm of their parents and will be the owners of the farm in the future. The knowledge of the English language is on a basic level. In this project Landjugend Österreich cooperates with 51 agricultural schools from all over Austria, 10 of them are higher agricultural schools (HLFS). The collaboration with the HLFS is confirmed in the signed Memoranda of Understanding. Landjugend Österreich is an important partner for the agricultural schools concerning organization of the traineeship abroad. Landjugend Österreich is dealing with partner organizations in the following countries for many years: Germany, Denmark, Norway and Ireland. The partner organizations are searching for the agricultural hosts and farms. There are two possibilities for the Austrian students: On the one hand they can apply for a placement via Landjugend and their partner organizations or they can organize their placement on their own (selfplacement). The responsible teacher called coordinator for traineeships have summed up all the traineeships abroad including a feedback of the last years. The students can choose a selfplacement farm out of this list. The first steps of this project have taken place from September to the beginning of November of 2015. The program coordinator of Landjugend Österreich presented the service offer of Landjugend Österreich at the agricultural schools of Austria. These have been informative meetings of two hours. The program coordinator showed reports, photos of former trainees and has given information on the application process, explanation on the application documents, information on Erasmus+ and the chronology (finding placements, preparation seminars and insurance). The deadline for interested trainees to apply online in the database and to upload all application documents (Europass CV, motivational letter, photo, reference letter, application form, or Learning Agreement and description of the farm) was December 31st, 2015. There will be preparation seminars of 3 hours for all students, that will be partly bilingual. Landjugend Österreich gives support concerning insurance for healthcare and public liability. There is another offer for trainees that go to Denmark or Ireland. Landjugend Österreich has organized group flights to Dublin and Copenhagen. The students will stay at host familiy’s houses – eating and living is included. The agricultural traineeship of Landjugend Österreich is needed for improving the English skills and as an important step of the education. Students will improve and get knowledge, skills and competences in the agricultural sector. It is possible to learn and get to know creative ways for the future. The students get a broader horizon concerning European agriculture and this could help to solve problems in the Austrian agriculture in a different way. Landjugend Österreich cooperates with the newspaper “Unser Hof” in this project. The newspaper is published four times a year and gives information for young farmers that will overtake the farms of their parents. Landjugend Österreich works under the conditions of ISO 9001:2008 since the year 2011 and therefore this project “Creation of European agricultural understanding” is under the same umbrella of quality. The results and experiences of the young Austrian students will be published in different newspapers like Landwirtschaft, Bauernzeitung and the own newspaper of Landjugend Österreich. Landjugend Österreich has also the possibility to do only advertisment via Facebook or via their homepage. Presenting the results of this project is always followed by a photo documentation.
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