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Creation of a Qualification Framework for Effective Communication at Sea
Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

Shipping is a major industry carrying nearly 90% of world trade that depends on the competence of seafarers. The language of the sea is Maritime English (ME) and yet a review of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements for ME clearly indicates that there are no requirements for a qualification for ME. The IMO passes the responsibility for ME competency to ship operating companies. Furthermore, there are no IMO mechanisms to monitor the ME competence of seafarers. The existing English courses do not satisfy the requirements of ME and the seafaring professions competence requirements in English language.SeaTalk aims to establish a harmonised comprehensive framework for Maritime English Education and Training, where a standard approach to teaching, learning, assessment and transparency of qualifications throughout Europe is established for each type and rank of seafarers. It will establish a Maritime English ECVET model for mutual recognition and transparency of learning outcomes and competences. The framework will take the IMO and EU requirements into consideration as well as incorporating the achieved outcomes of recent EU funded Maritime English projects, including the developed e-learning platform.The Maritime English framework will be developed in conjunction with major awarding, accrediting and professional bodies as well as licensing authorities hence expected to receive international recognition.The framework is expected to promote greater mobility of seafarers by mutually recognised qualification and thus solve the problem of shortages and surpluses of seafarers across Europe. . The project enhanced mobility, which is in line with the ‘Europe 2020’ priorities.Poor Communication skills in ME are a major cause of accidents; the project will contribute to a reduction in the number of accidents at sea, leading to a reduction in loss of human life and material loss, and thus make the European shipping industry more competitive.
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