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Création d'une ONG dans le domaine de la santé et donc à but humanitaire à travers des débats participatifs virtuels et réels aboutissant à des conférences réelles pour une éducation à la citoyenneté
Start date: Sep 2, 2016, End date: Sep 1, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SHORT OF DESCRIPTIONFranch, Italy, Roumania, Turkich, Spanich, with 150 students and 15 teachers, would like to contribute to the establishment of a space for exchange of good practices and skills in order to teach citizenship to the students. Creating a Non Governmental Organization of young people will be crowned by a trip to Romania to help the sick people there to procure all necessary care. This project aims to strengthen communication skills of the students. Another goal is based on multilingualism and multiculturalism. In addition, this project is based on digital skills needed by our students. Indeed, thanks to dynamic technologies, to set multiple networks and co-creation data, students will become active "webactors" participating in the development of content on the web.Citizens participative debates set up aims to include all sections and embrace all social categories of our high school and foreign high schools to ensure the ability to provide education for all through the diversity of educational digital innovative means and made available through innovative teaching methods.So we offer a contest for young people who will create an NGO in the field of health and therefore for humanitarian purposes. Everything is realistic about 3 years through virtual and real participatory debates that are realized through a conference held every year. Three of these conferences will be conducted in France and three in Spain. The best idea NGO created by the various high school and university participants will win a reward at the end (trip to help people in Romania).So we will set up working groups with eight participants per school so that a monitoring cohort includes students from each grade of High School. Thus, the First class of High School in each school will be followed and will participate in group travel and mobility to be funded by the Erasmus + Project. At the end of these three years, all students in the class will have participated in a mobility without excluding any of them.Our project aims to reach a high level of skills and knowledge by exchanging information through numerique tools between different schools and educational institutions in Europe. We will shared knowledge in useing to Netvibes, Information's Site, Scoop'it, plateforme e-learning and numerique bookOBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT:- the acceptance of European cultural diversity and universality- Share ideas about scientific innovation and political issues between pupils,- the socialization between students and teachers through establishing friendships,hospitality,helping each other,respect,- Give teachers concrets tools to plan and implement an parliament simulation based on the needs of the pupils and tailored on the methodology to take decision,- increasing the European field of education through exchanging good practices;improving language and TIC skills,- Organize an international multilingual conference three times beginning with debates between a real politician and our students acting as ambassadors,- Create a long-lasting network of schools and international organization (for example ONU, WHO, UNESCO…) between the different partners cities,- Improve the pupils’ awareness about the European Union and the European Parliament, as well as the mobility opportunity in the UE,- Use e-learning platform, etwining and website to debate in order to prepare the conference before the beginning of this,The proposed project brings as an added value the development of mobility and of an active European citizenship,using an European topic : the development of the prevention The project's objectives are consistent with national objectives and priorities of an KA2 strategic partenership,through:promoting
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