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Creating Relations between Europe & Central America in the area of Higher Education
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The overall aim of the CRECES project is to increase the knowledge about and visibility of European HigherEducation (EHE) in the 6 Spanish speaking Central American (CA) countries, in order to facilitate both academicexchange (masters and doctoral studies) and research cooperation between EU and CA Higher EducationInstitutions (HEIs) that leads to higher quality in education, research and innovation.The specific objectives and corresponding activities of the project are:- To analyse existing knowledge about EHE in Central America, and the structures and processes in placefor disseminating information about EHE and for facilitating academic exchange and researchcooperation between the EU and CA- To identify alumni of current and previous EU education and research cooperation in each CA country tolearn from, build on and diffuse their good experiences- To create training materials and information kits to be disseminated in CA and world wide- To train 13 CA professionals from 6 different Central American countries in the necessary competencesareas needed to support academic exchange and research cooperation- To integrate a new linking office into the already existing HEI structures in each of the 6 CA partner HEIs,and give the necessary support in developing strategies and work plans and start up operational activities- To disseminate the results of the project and promote the model developed in a final publication and atEU conferencesThe concrete and tangible outputs to be created are 6 linking offices in 6 different countries, staffed withcompetent experts on European Higher Education. The offices will offer services to students, academics andresearchers with a view to enhance the academic cooperation and research cooperation between Europe andCentral America. A network of the offices will be set up, with the intention of incorporating more members overtime. The CRECES project will also develop, document and disseminate a model that can multiplied in other partsof Latin America and the world, to further enhance the attractiveness of European Higher Education.
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