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Creating Pathways to Lifelong Learning for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

Many projects and activities of the Lifelong Learning Programme could be beneficial also to adults with intellectual disabilities. However, the necessary standards and mechanisms are presently not in place in many countries that would create a framework for their effective participation. The objective of the project "Creating Pathways to Lifelong Learning for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities" (PATHWAYS II) is to create this framework necessary for the exploitation of the results of the Lifelong Learning Programme for the benefit of adults with intellectual disabilities in the partner countries Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.By adapting and disseminating the standards and materials developed under the previous LLLP project 134174-LLP-1-2007-1-BE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP in those countries, the PATHWAYS II partnership will introduce the following mechanisms at national level:1. European Standards for Easy-to-Understand Adult Education Materials.2. A Training Program for lifelong learning staff.3. A Methodology on how to involve people with intellectual disabilities in the preparation and quality control of the produced materials.4. A Checklist to assess the accessibility level of written materials. It has been demonstrated by the previous project that these materials will structurally and systematically open adult education and lifelong learning for the participation of people with intellectual disabilities. These activities will also promote the exploitation of results at European level and inform policy development as well as practical work.PATHWAYS II will thus create a framework for the best use of results of the LLLP by promoting European standards and innovative methods on how adult learners with intellectual disabilities can participate in and contribute to the development and quality control of education material and e-learning content.
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