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Creating an Ecological Corridor on the River Ipel in the region of Malé Kosihy and Ipelsky Sokolec (Fish ladders on the Ipel)

The grant was spent on building two fish ladders on the Ipel by existing dams inthe regions of Malé Kosihy (Ipolytölgyes-kisKeszi) and Ipelsky Sokolec (Tésa-Ipolyszakállos). Water-intake structures, near-natural stone-silled waterway-like fishpassages, rough ramps for securing regular water stage and rest lakes have been built atboth oxbows. The investment will provide aquatic species with a stream-like migratorybypass channel and will contribute to the recovery of the rich biodiversity in the Ipel.This should initiate favourable changes in the region not only from an ecological buteconomical aspect. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.
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