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Creating a platform for communication between science and practice in organic food system

Title: Creating a platform for communication between science and practice in organic food system.Introduction: Organic agriculture is a system of farm management based on natural substances and processes and, therefore, contributing to environment protection, animal welfare and rural development. Since 1990 the market for organic products has been growing rapidly. Increasing demand for organic foods, recognized by consumers as safer and representing higher quality comparing to conventional market products, has driven a similar increase in organically managed farmland and in the interest of researchers in this topic. However, there are still missing gaps in the flow of information between scientific knowledge and its practical implementation.Aims: identification of the main gaps in knowledge and problems in communication between science and practice in organic food sector in European countries; creation of common concepts to fill the gaps of knowledge and to strengthen cooperation between researchers and stakeholders, common implementation of developed concepts, improvement of the quality of vocational education in organic food chain in Europe, development of organic sector.Partners: higher education institutions providing actual, quality knowledge in the area of organic agriculture in Europe (PL, DE, CZ, IT, NL, PT, SL, FI, ES) and organizations experienced in practical implementation of this kind of knowledge (PL, DE, IT, ET, HU, BG).Activities and mobilities: gaps in knowledge and communication problems in organic sector will be identified during local activities organized by each Partner in his country. Common concepts will be developed during international meetings organized in Estonia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland.Results: final project report including identified problems of communication between science and practice and gaps in knowledge in organic food system and description of common concepts; CD containing presentations based on dev

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