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Start date: 15 Jun 2016, End date: 14 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Most towns and cities in Europe have great natural, historical, culinary and cultural heritage. On the other hand, young people lack sufficient opportunities for international mobility. To value this European heritage and meet this need for young people, we propose a youth exchange where tourist and educational routes and itineraries for visitors and themselves are developed. The exchange will take place in Munébrega, region of Calatayud, from 19 to 29 September 2016 for 24 participants from 4 different organizations (each send 5 young + 1 group leader). Participants will come from Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Spain (we have participants from Spain in the same region of Calatayud). We want to have young people between 18 and 25 years, with an open profile, with concerns for the care of the environment, knowledge of other cultures and interested in undertaking self-employment options, although previous training is not required.This project will have as main product a dossier in pdf and online that will be published on a platform online which will also serve for the preparation, processing and evaluation. This dossier will gather the final templates and itineraries created by the participants themselves to collect all the information needed to design and guide itineraries, both urban and natural, placing value on the resources of the place. Promoting youth employment, self-education and an active and engaged citizenship with the care of the environment and sustainable projects.Activities based on non-formal education and environmental education, using active training methodology, participatory self-education that are primarly based on workshops, debates, pooled and dynamics of introduction. We expect the young participants to exchange knowledge, progress in their personal development and to acquire skills such as analysis of the resources of a place, planning, teamwork and leadership, respect for other opinions, creativity, improvement of communication skills and innovative. They say, promote democratic participation and intercultural exchange through non-formal and peer learning.This project will allow to Equipo Mandrágora the leap to European projects and share our experiences and knowledge partnerships in youth activities.The platform and the dossier are prepared to facilitate partnerships and participants sufficient tools to value the resources of their environment through educational tours. Participants will approach a labor market, improving their employability and entrepreneurial capacity in the rural and environmental areas, sustainably exploiting local resources.We expect lthat in long-term, the dossier will generate new projects and facilitate the exchange for any not participating association the appreciation of their environment and increase its commitment to improving the quality and even the creation of itineraries for tourism and educational purposes.
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