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Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

In the 21st century, individuals should be able to cope with constant changes. Our rapidly changing world causes a large share of its population to be forced into new and challenging working environments, which call for new skills and attitudes. In many European countries, teaching has been geared towards preparing individuals to become lifelong learners by helping them develop learning skills as early as in primary school. Some EU member states' educational systems are more advanced in implementing an engaging style of teaching and in supporting the development of learning skills, including in the case of adult education, while other systems lag far behind. The proponents of the present project, a wide partnership of Eastern, Central and Western European adult education organizations, aim to identify key factors related to motivating participation and persistence in LLL processes of a wide range of adult learnersWe plan to carry out a survey of adult educators and learners, and collect a set of best practices in adult education to widely share with adult educators. Building on the existing good practices, we will develop innovative approaches to teaching adults, relying on a constructivist framework for learning, and pilot them in our countries; a guidebook including the innovative approaches will be published, and a Grundtvig training course will be developed. In sum, educators will be provided with creative and critical thinking strategies to use in a variety of adult learning contexts; learning will be made more accessible for adults, and their motivation for lifelong learning will be enhanced. The workshops will provide adult educators direct experience of the innovative practices. We expect to make an important contribution to the more successful learning of European adults, and to the overall improvement of their learning skills. The collection of best practices and the guidebook sharing innovative teaching strategies will be produced in five languages.
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