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Create, Learn and Live Together
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project titled Create, Learn and Live Together is a bilateral youth exchange between N. Ireland and Cyprus, on cultural diversity which aims to gather young people from various social, cultural and ethno-racial background and provide them with social tools and skills to: - help raise awareness for their cultural diverse surroundings, - find out and understand the differences as well as to be proud to accept their cultural and personal identities, - that will lead to achieving personal, social and professional development. In this project we will discuss issues such as cultural differences, gender equality, ethics, the education system, the music, the traditional dances of both partner groups. We will have lectures, team games, workshops and discussion about all the unique cultures that are included within a wider European context . We will deliver activities with the aim of increasing European knowledge: quizes, building maps, sport games, round table, open discussions, presenting traditional histories, workshops and outdoor activities. We will have a special day mixing cultures and combining people from different background. The main topic of our exchange is discovering cultures and learning new ethics, arts and traditions. During the project we will try to build bridges between the European Youth and we will promote the volunteering and the values of our common future as citizens of Europe. Also during the project we will organize intercultural nights where all the partner groups will present their country, their culture, traditional foods, drinks, music and dances. With this project we want to mix different cultures and cross borders to other traditions, languages and understandings of conflict management. The main aim of this project is to contribute to the process of building a tolerant integrated society based on respect for gender equality and cultural diversity with active intercultural cooperation and dialogue. Through raising the awareness of a group of youth participants on these issues it is anticipated that by supporting their development they will develop in to youth workers and peer educators in this field in their home communities. In this way, the exchange programme is focused both on supporting the target group of the project and on making further impact on the local communities involved. This youth exchange will provide participants with intercultural learning tools, communication and negotiation skills and the learning process will be facilitated through different team-building exercises, which will be performed in mixed groups so that participants will see the differences and learn from each other. It will also help them become more tolerant. Participants by themselves will make presentations of their organisations and countries, by bringing national food, other symbols of their cultures and giving out information in the form of a country profile. During the actvitites the participants will have the chance to get to know each other better and increase the level of their awareness about other cultures and understand that even though they come from different countries, different backgrounds they are the same and share may similar opinions, desires and concerns. With the help of trainers and facilitators the exchange will provide the appropriate atmosphere for participants to open up to new cultures, and by taking part in interactive simulations and role plays participants will see that only by learning to understand each other and being tolerant we they will reach agreements and that benefit each other. By bringing young people from different European countries together and trying to facilitate the dialogue among them, we can bring value and weight to the term 'European identity'.
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