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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many schools do not offer in their academic paths parallel vocational courses or workshop to help students in making a choice for their future career. The project grew up from the need of give practical tools to students, in order to make them aware of their possible alternatives. The project in the medium term aims at stimulating students to explore new professional paths – even not directly linked to their school curriculum. In the long-term, the more ambitious objectives are to bridge the gap between the education system and the labor market and to give more employability opportunities to students. These objectives will be reached combining together the concept of game, the schools, ARCHICAD and enterprises. The project foresees the sharing of knowledge and competences between teachers and students belonging to different schools. More precisely, the Italian school (the lead partner) will make available its knowledge of ARCHICAD (3d design software to create virtual buildings), organizing the four training sessions. While the lead partner practices an extensive use of ARCHICAD and its students are able to use this tool efficiently, in the other partner countries the use of ARCHICAD is diffused only at the university level. During the training sessions ARCHICAD will be taught by Italian teachers with the special assistance of the Italian students, which are already prepared on the specific subject. Students from the partner schools will improve their knowledge regarding this technical tool (ARCHICAD) and will be provided with an innovative and unexpected point of view on their professional career. In the meantime partner schools will host Italian teachers and students to make them know how the timber industries work in their countries, exploring how ARCHICAD could be applied to this sector. In this regard, the partner schools will organize visits to timber enterprises, and teachers will carry on surveys among enterprises to test their needs for this kind of professional profiles. This contact with the labor market will consolidate and turn into practice their skills in view of new job possibilities in Europe. This exchange of expertise (on the one side the knowledge of ARCHICAD and on the other side knowledge of the timber sector) will be combined with the concept of game. The students will be stimulated by the organization of a final competition to be held in Lanciano (Italy). This corresponds to a specific methodological choice. The participating schools over the years have experienced a decreasing number of inscriptions thus becoming aware of the need to stimulate students also by parallel channels. The concept of game is familiar for students, and organizing competitions will make the formal education more attractive. In particular this project will organize a final “ARCHICAD OLYMPICS”, where the partner schools will met to test their acquire and improved knowledge of ARCHICAD. The project wants to offer mini courses of ARCHICAD and to involve a large number of teachers and students from different countries in a new and exciting activity, able to combine old and new skills by giving the students a new motivation for learning in a playful and competitive frame. The involvement of students and staff will be helped by different online tools such as a website and a Facebook page where students and staff could exchange their feedbacks on the project and their proposals. This network, especially among students and staff, will also give them the chance to improve their knowledge of English and to exchange information about job opportunities in Europe.
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