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Create a new world with your hands
Start date: Dec 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project is to present to those who work with young people the appropriate methods in order to plan activities that include handcrafts and manufacturing as strengthening tool of creative self-confidence and initiative of the young people. The methods that are promoted is the design thinking tool and the make space tool. The seminar will also include a variety of activities with crafts and structures as examples and brainstorming workshops for new activities and projects.The project aims to improve the competences of young people, and especially their communication in foreign languages, their metacognitive skills on the subject of the seminar and their cultural awakening and expression through art. Also through collective creation at European level the participants will experience a different reality than in their daily work, increasing the professional, personal and intercultural skills. The project also contributes to the training of workers in the field of youth and supports their professional development. Finally, the granting of Youthpass certificates improves the recognition and validation of non-formal learning within the program Erasmus+ and the workshop on communication and networking creates cooperation and exchange bridges between participating organizations.Coordinator of the project is ActArt an informal group of young people. Its team members and expert associates who are very experienced in the field of non-formal and informal learning in the field of manufacturing and crafts and in the organisation and coordination of European projects, are going to be instructors during the project. Furthermore, with the multitude and variety of partners another objective is achieved, since the partners are internationalised, the relationships between them are strengthened and a field for exchange on issues concerning young people is created. Also, the recognition of the training with the Youthpass certificate achieves recognition of their new skills and strengthens them in the context of training or job search, as is set by the Erasmus +.The training seminar involves 28 people from 12 different countries and 12 of them will be young people with fewer opportunities due to cultural, economic or social barriers. They are people of different ages who are active in a wide range of subjects in the field of youth, in balance as possible regarding the sexes.Prior to the seminar participants will be selected and properly prepared by the project partners as already agreed and under way. During the seminar the activities that will be implemented are ice breaking games, energizers, small group discussions, group empowerment games, brainstorming, world cafe, evaluation, manufacturing and handicrafts etc. all based on the methods of non-formal learning. We will also organize cultural evenings aimed at the intercultural communication, entertainment and animation of the team. After the seminar, the dissemination of the results will be primarily ensured by diffusing the information of the program in print and electronic media and the local community.
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