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Crafts In Action (CRAFTIN)

Artisans involved in crafts like ceramics, woodworks, stoneworks, waxworks, hagiography, marble works are against great challenges and threats, since the overall financial and economic turmoil, especially in Greece, dominates every economical and business sector. However, it is the modernization and globalization of aesthetics, combined with the massive industrialization that are putting handicrafts under extinction pressure. These issues combined with the lack of an effective “business culture” and of any co-operative body supporting such artisans are the most important threats that craftsmen are facing. The project proposal aims at opposing this phenomenon, by promoting modern business solutions for preserving and enhancing traditional crafting cultural capital. Moreover, as to the approach of production quality control, problems arise very often, thus specific measures matching the satisfaction for potential customers. Project’s overall objective is to ensure the survival of these traditional crafts, considering them as valuable and promising cultural capital, capable in attracting new human capital in its orders, acting also as a thematic tourism capital, which will provide the region with another advantage in the everlasting fight for tourism attraction and competition.
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