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Cradle to Cradle Business Innovation & Improvement Zones (C2C-BIZZ)
Start date: Sep 24, 2009, End date: Dec 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cradle to Cradle® is a holistic framework that creates systems that are not only eco-efficient but essentially waste-free: a revolutionary change from traditional industrial ‘cradle to grave’ approach. Rather than minimizing material & energy flows. C2C proposes transforming products & material flows so that a workable relationship between ecological systems & economic growth is made possible. This ‘full C2C cycle’ is based on 3 principles: waste=food.enjoy renewable energy & celebrate diversity.C2C isn’t limited to design & manufacturing; it applies to many aspects of society like urban environments. buildings. economic & social systems. AIM The aim of C2C BIZZ is to enhance the current implementation of C2C methods in the NWE built environment and to accelerate the development of C2C solutions and applications on business sites.The 3 C2C principles will be applied to the entire process of business area (re)development. C2C business sites have a positive impact on environment . society & economy & are future proof HOW? Different innovative aspects of transition towards C2C will be studied. developed & tested on pilot sites. Together pilots form one complete transnational C2C business site and a new form of site management in NWE. Partners will be trained in C2C principles. Cooperation will result in transnational financial. managerial and technical tools. a roadmap ready to use on new projects. and in business cases for completing C2C site developments. Networks of C2C experts and stakeholders will be established. and partners will develop a knowledge centre for the development of and transition to C2C business sites. NWE’s leading public authorities. knowledge institutions. NGOs and business actors on C2C from BE. DE. FR. LU. NL and UK are brought together in the project partnership. in a way that each partner contributes different knowledge and expertise in the project. The C2C founding fathers. Braungart and McDonough. fully support C2C BIZZ. Achievements: We have made available several tools to get to a C2C inspired business site. See below a short description of these tools. For more information visit: Loops Tool: a database for companies to add their waste streams and the resources they need. In this way matches can be made between companies and resources can be exchanged. Energy Assessment: the objective of this tool is to support the implementation of renewable energy solutions in business sites inspired by the C2C approach. Its main focus lies in how to evaluate the energy potential of several renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal) for a specific location. Workbook ‘Guided Choices towards a Circular Business Model’: supports companies to find out how the Circular Economy can be of value for them. It is meant as a source of inspiration and support for SME’s. Inventory: is meant to gain insight in the situation of an area development, especially for business sites. It is a questionnaire, with questions about stakeholders, finances, procurement and physical features Development Framework (DF) & Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): the DF provides a template and spatial planning guidelines that set out the C2C objectives and overall development parameters that the landlord and site tenant can expect from a business site. The MoU is not a legal document but it sets out a collaborative way of working and sharing information. Promotion materials: to provide means for communication about C2C with all kinds of stakeholders, together with a guideline and ideas about how to use these means
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