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CPD for staff to boost skills in language learning and teaching and sharing best practice
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school's European Project aims to enhance language learning at North Harringay Primary School, build on MFL competence of leaders and staff and to create an international partnership with a school in France. It has been developed as the school recognises its limit of MFL resources, international connections and as MFL teaching only started in September 2014 in comparison with other schools in the borough that have had MFL teaching for a number of years. The number of staff members that will attend the course is five. The Deputy Head, MFL Coordinator, ICT Coordinator, Inclusion Manager and P.E Specialist. The Deputy Head has previously taught French in another primary school and would like to build on his linguistic skills and cultural understanding. The MFL Coordinator taught in France, has been teaching French for seven years, 5 as a qualified teacher and would like to build on her fluency, cultural understanding and create a partnership with a school in France. The ICT Coordinator has previously studied French up to a GCSE level and would like to gain the opportunity to become emerged in the culture and build on his language skills in order to support the aims of the project. He would also like to create engaging ICT MFL tools that can be shared with the partner school. The Inclusion manager studied French up to GCSE and would like to learn about inclusion and the behaviour management systems in French schools. She would also appreciate the opportunity to build on her French which she has reported as limited. The P.E specialist is not confident in his linguistic skills and would like the opportunity to further develop his language skills and link P.E with French.In order to carry out the project the staff will do French sessions with the MFL Coordinator and preparatory sessions with BCC Language leaders. They will collect resources that can be shared with the partnership school and the MFL Coordinator will write an initial email introducing their project idea to the partner school.The MFL Coordinator and Language Team will create a survey to disseminate the school to find out the views of staff in regards to what they hope to benefit as a school from the course, for example some may hope to have a particular year group that they can partner with in France.The participants will attend meetings where the proposed visit will be discussed and a checklist of documents and other important things will be discussed. The MFL Team will use the etwinning site with the ICT Coordinator to prepare and share resources with the partnership school. The activities that will take place for the visit to Paris will be to visit cultural and famous places such as the Musee D'Orcy, the Eiffel Tower. The participants will attend two language emersion courses and will meet the French teachers and the pupils. An agreement will set up and swift action upon the agreement will take place once they are back at the school.The participants will do an INSET to the rest of the school to inform them of their experience and new knowledge of the culture, education system, assessment and partnership. North Harringay Primary School envision that the course and partnership will encourage other members of staff to think of doing MFL courses. The Erasmus course will open the door to a new culture of international trips, projects and competitions. The participants hope that they will have the skills to support other staff with reinforcing language sessions as they believe that thirty minutes of specialist teaching is not enough. They envision that the Erasmus course will be a stepping stone to a school culture that celebrates language learning.

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