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COWINHY Méthodologie d’élaboration, d’évaluation et de validation des guides et outils de formation européens de bonnes pratiques d’hygiène avec comme cas pratique le vin en Europe

The aim of this project is to resolve this shortcoming by taking a multi-branch approach and creating amethodology for designing/assessing/validating European guides and instruments for good hygiene practicewhich are applicable to all branches of the agri-foodstuffs industry. In the course of the project, the protocolwill be tested on the winemaking industry.Objectives- To use current practices in individual countries as a basis/ensure that the whole of Europe benefits fromthe advanced knowledge and skills enjoyed by some countries/set up exchanges with a view to achievingthe transparency and standardisation of training in food safety management and guides to good hygienepractice in food production- Value of having a single guide for each sector at Community level - common market, economicexchange, European certification rather than the current national certification- Positive sectoral engagement: active participation of professional organisations- Formalisation of the system as regards national procedures for the validation of Guides to Good HygienePractice (GGHP)- Adoption of the Guides to Good Hygiene Practice and Instruments for Training in Food SafetyManagement by the various partner countries and the various sectors of the food industry at national level- Defining a European methodology/protocol for validating Guides to Good Hygiene Practice (GGHP) forSMEs in the food industry so that they can continue to be competitive- Defining a working system for drawing up, assessing and testing European guides- Example of application in the winemaking sector: standardising innovative training in food safetymanagement and developing good practices in a clearly defined sector: proposing a European guide for thewinemaking sector, in agreement with professional organisations in each country.End results1. Procedure for the European creation, assessment and validation of instruments for training in food safetymanagement and Guides to Good Hygiene Practice in food production2. Creation of a European Guide to Good Hygiene Practice in the winemaking sector, as an example ofpractical application of the methodology3. and its associated training instruments4. Reports by expert assessors, test reports5. Publicity: leaflets, press releases, website, direct contacts…Other intermediate results deriving from the fact that the project is not intended to lead to the immediaterepudiation of existing training systems and good practice guidelines at national level:6. Analytical Report on national systems: identifying and registering all the actors involved in creatingnational GGHP (drafting, assessing and validating). Comparison and analysis7. Evaluation Report on current national validation procedures and the European systems already envisaged.Analysis of the strong and weak points of each system. Very close contacts with administrative, decisionmakingbodies at European and national level, via "quality management experts" and professionalorganisations8. Evaluation of training regarding the Food Safety Management Pack at European level and of awarenessas regards the Pack's application – analysis of practical needs, by branch. Analysis of national guidelines forthe various sectors and the training to which they give rise.
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