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Covilhã.Forma II
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Covilhã.Forma consortium was created in 2014 with the goal of giving a response to the will of the five schools of the municipality of Covilha (ES Qta. Das Palmeiras, AFTEBI, ES Campos Melo, EPA Qta. Lageosa and the ES Frei Heitor Pinto). Having the last participants from Covilhã.Forma returned in December 2015, it was considered that were created the conditions to propose a new edition of the project. The consortium Covilhã.Forma II is coordinator by Câmara Municipal da Covilhã, with responsibility to manage the consortium and the project. As in 2014, in this application will only be considered students of vocational secondary or post-secondary level.The main objective of this project is to promote competent employability of young professionals and consequent promotion of human settlement in the municipality of Covilha.In terms of specific objectives we can refer :- Fight against abandonment and school absenteeism promoting new experiences on an international level - Ensure the promotion of national and international projects- Enhancing the quality of school organization and promote the visibility of schools- Promote the Vocational Education as a quality alternative- Promoting social inclusion of young people in socio-economic disadvantage- Ensure qualified professionals in a variety of economic sectors - Continue to develop policies and actions to support young people - Build new networks of local and international partnershipIt contributes for the development of schools and the region, promoting growth and socio-economic development and improvement of welfare of population of Covilhã.To achieve these goals the project aims to develop the following activities:* 34 mobilities to perform an internship program in an international context. Internship/professional (Schools) / 56-90 days / Italy, France, Spain, UK, Czech Rep., Poland and Ireland. For students of vocational education: vocational training courses level 4 and post-secondary technological education, level 5.* 2 mobility to perform a job-shadowing program (CM Covilha) / 5 days / Reggio Emilia, ItalyThe distribution of the number of mobilities per school took into account the size of the schools, which means that ES Campos Melo will do 10 mobilities, while the remaining will perform 6 mobilities. As it happened with the previous project, will include mobility of students in internships and recent graduates in unpaid professional internships.In this project will be used the following INSTRUMENTS / CERTIFICATES:- Curriculum Vitae (CV) Europass- Europass Mobility Document- Consortium Certificate of participation in mobility- Certificate of sending school participation- Internship Certificate- Europass CV- ECVET- For participants who will go to Poland and the Czech Republic, the Language Course Certificate will also be deliveredIn terms of impacts:- Strengthening the personal profile of the participants- Self-esteem improved- Greater openness and connection of participants and community to Europe- Solid European experience, knowledge of European dynamic- New valuation attitudes of human rights, citizenship, gender equality and equal opportunities- Elimination of barriers to the mobility of people and knowledge- Domain strategic European languages- Skills certified in a consolidated training pathFor the technical realization of the job shadowing activity:- Increased motivation- Increased capacity in interpersonal communication and intercultural relations- Specific skills in the professional field- Increased the motivation for projects that promote Lifelong LearningFor schools, City Hall and the Municipality in their interactions:- Technical work with high quality- Better management in the implementation of European projects- Introduction of new practices in the management of Covilhã.Forma- Reducing of the school dropout rate- Recognition of the validity and importance of vocational courses- Definition of new strategies and approach of the training curriculum to an European context- Validation of the certification ECVET used- Strengthen partnerships with companies at European level- Meeting the needs of employers of the region- Contribution to promote the qualification and specialization of the labor force - Contribute to the affirmation and to the economic development of the regionRegarding the international relations of the organizations involved in this project is expected:- Strengthening the partnership networks at European level- Improvements in working methods- New communication channels established- Acceptance of other business/school cultures- Promote the pleasure of learning other languages in the European context- Sharing rigorous and quality criteria’s applied to mobility programs

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