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Schools that have applied to take part in this multilateral project have intended to raise students’ awareness regarding their rights and responsibilities as citizens, to help students develop their skills in reaching the best decisions as well as to improve students’ abilities in using ICT resources and foreign languages. The target group of this project consists of students aged 7-15 (primary and lower-secondary level) and it also focuses on school development.These general objectives have been achieved by our students through different activities that have allowed them to explore the general themes of the project in various possible approaches (historical, social, environmental, cultural etc):-gathering informative materials about human and children rights and duties at European/country/local community/ school/ family/ social group levels and sharing the results with the partner institutions;-running school election campaigns in order to choose students’ representatives for the “European Students’ Parliament” of the project;-preparing materials for an e-magazine in bilingual format;-carrying out lessons and activities involving students’ training in taking good decisions;-gathering useful basic phrases in 7 languages in a resource book;-establishing a system of rewarding for students’ active involvement in school’s life;-carrying out activities in which children have learned how to protect the environment and also artistic and cultural activities (drawing, theatre plays, literary texts, songs) which helped students discover moral and aesthetic values. Children have been exposed to intercultural dialogue by coming across texts, customs, songs, traditions, various forms of art belonging to different cultures or ethnic and religious minorities. The project was also aimed at developing teachers' pedagogical methods and at improving their communicational abilities. This project was a wonderful oportunity for everybody to meet people from different cult
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