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Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Oct 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

When the Finglas Youth Resource Centre (FYRC) decided to develop EVS within the organization, we decided that it would be best to seek some sort of training around the whole process first. The EVS seemed like a great opportunity that the young people we work with could get involved in to build on their skills to develop their capacity to be more attracted to the labour market or give them the confidence and the ability to go onto further education. The EVS also would be a good opportunity for the service here to take volunteers from to benefit the service and also got a better insight into the whole programme by being involved in both parts.When a training came up around quality in EVS for NEET's we felt that this was well suited to the FYRC organization as a lot of the young people we work with are in this category. Last October the coordinator of this project went to Estonia to take part in “NEETWORK in action - quality in EVS for NEETs” it was here that our knowledge around the whole process of EVS developed and through networking at this training partnerships were formed with the partner organizations who are involved in this project. The project idea came during this training and developed over time afterwards when the coordinator assessed the needs of the FYRC and what type of learning experience we could offer future EVS volunteers. The project is a short term EVS project for young people 18-30 year old, which can be from rural areas (for real) or NEET (not in education, employment or training). The project will partner with three other countries with two EVS volunteers coming from each country. The reason behind this is to develop a wide range of different cultures into the project to develop a better culture awareness in our service and highlight some of the different countries who are part of Europe. The project will run for eight weeks in total and we have 4 partner organizations from three different countries involved. Each EVS as part of the project will deliver one weekly activity on a topic of choice which will be incorporated into our summer project in the FYRC. This activity can be in areas of music, arts and crafts, drama, multi media or any creative innovated ideas that the EVS may have. The aim is that these activities will develop new skills and knowledge for the young people in the service and through the EVS volunteer taking full ownership over their piece of work from the design, delivery and evaluation throughout their time in Ireland they will develop new skills and experience that will meet their learning outcomes which will hopefully make them more attractable to the labour market going forward. Another element of their work during the project will be to work alongside the other EVS volunteers to deliver a weekly culture night that will meet our objective of building the knowledge of the organization, the young people we work with and the EVS volunteers too around being a European citizen and the different countries and cultures that are part of it. Lastly they will also be part of the youth work team to deliver an innovated summer project to the young people from the Finglas Community over the course of the eight weeks. This will include centre and outreach based activities and trips out. During the course of the eight week will are going to document the experience for everyone involved including all organizations, service users from the hosting organization and the EVS volunteers to create a short document piece that can be shared across Europe to promote EVS projects. The outcome we hope to achieve from this project is that from hosting such a project we open the door of opportunity for the young people we work with by highlighting the opportunities of being a European citizen can have for them. By them being exposed to this short term EVS will increase their awareness of Erasmus+ opportunities and hopefully will encourage them to get involved going forward. The project will also develop our partnerships within Europe and build on our experience of hosting EVS project that we can build on going forward.

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