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Cooperate to create!
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

?Cooperate to create!? project was realised in Kraków. Within the framework of ?Cooperate to create!? project five young people were volunteering for 10 months in Cracow: Corina from Romania, Alex from Spain, Catherine from Belgium, Sezgin from Turkey and Marie coming from France. We decided to choose three hosting organizations which main activities area are children and youth. Those are the following: Szko?a Podstawowa Nr 24 (Primary School No 24), Samorz?dowe Przedszkole Nr 92 (Kindergarten No 92) and Stowarzyszenie Siemacha (Siemacha Association). Primary School hosts around four hundred pupils each day which makes it a big educational establishment, Kindergarten is the place where the youngest have their first contact with the education and Siemacha Association is in charge of day-care socio-therapy centres for youth and children from dysfunctional families. Three volunteers that worked at Primary School mainly assisted students and teachers during various projects and activities, took active part in the school life and encouraged children to spend their time actively and develop its own interests and hobbies. Marie volunteered at Kindergarten, where she was helping the tutors and teachers during activities with children. She was also conducting her own activities/workshops for children, supervised by her coordinator. Sezgin from Turkey volunteered at Siemacha Association, at day-care centres which use a wide variety of methods to help young people from disfunctional families to develop themselves. Centres are the places where the mutual trust, social ties and civic engagement, sense of responsibility and others are strengthened. Each organization involved in hosting volunteers put pressure on developing safe environment for personal development. Core values that organizations represent are tolerance, active citizenship and openmindness. Volunteers with the support of the hosting organization cooperated to organize local events such as International Volunteer Day, International Volunteer Event or ?Volunteer for a Day? action addressed at the local community of Kraków. One of the aims of ?Cooperate to create!? project was to prove that multilateral multicultural cooperation is possible and allows to reach common goals, and co-working together in the multinational environment creates perfect space to deal with negative stereotypes and overcome the barriers. Throughout the project, participants became more sensible about living in the multicultural society, encoureaged to get to know other cultures and respect values that every young European citizen should be familiar with: tolerance, respect for diversity, equality and empathy. Thanks to the ?Cooperate to create? project, volunteersl gained new competences that strengthened their position at the international labour market. Throughout the project, volunteers improved their personal skills, develop creativity, became more flexible thinkers and responsible decision makers, better organizers and problem solvers. As a project coordinator, we are ensured that we managed to achieve all the goals set in the beginning of the project. Each volunteer was enrolled to the Polish language course, prepared especially for foreingers. Volunteers received mentors support. ?Cooperate to create!? project lasted16 months.
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