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Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

Objectivesβ To educate young people about co-operatives as a positive alternative form of enterprise«> To raise awareness of Fair Trade and its benefits to communitiesβ To develop social enterprise projects in 11 local communities across Europe, Asia, Africa and LatinAmerica » To share experiences, challenges and successes between young co-operators around the world β To encourage and support partnerships between young people and local producers « To offer an alternative future perspective to young unemployed people and those at risk ofunemploymentAround 50 young people from 11 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia will be directly engaged in the project. Peer educators from each partner will meet in Bogota, Colombia in March 2013 to receive training on co-operatives, Fair Trade and international development in order to facilitate educational sessions with their peers at home. They will also plan the CooperACTlON event to take place in Manchester in July 2013. Local teams from each partner organisation will gather at this high visibility event to share their ideas for co-operative enterprises, discuss how co-operation and democratic forms of business can reduce unemployment and inequality and learn how to develop and implement their businessplansTThey-will-reeeive-support-and-inspiratien-fram-professionals-of-GO-operative-and-Fair-T-rade organisations and will promote ethical and co-operative business to the wider public in Manchester.Activities and VenuesPreparation meeting, Brussels, Belgium (January 2013) Core group meeting, Bogota, Colombia (March 2013) Local co-operative projects in all communities involved CooperACTlON event including an Open Day, Manchester, UK (July 2013) Launching of online platform in all communities involved (November 2013) Participants44 young co-operators from 11 youth organisations in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, 11of them will form a core group of peer educators3 co-ordinatorsAround 20 young unemployed people or those at risk of unemployment in each local communitywho will work together in setting up the co-operative enterprisesExpected results and envisaged impactA global network of young co-operators, supporting each other in sustaining successful co-operative social enterprises11 co-operative social enterprises operating in the 11 local communitiesYoung people with fewer opportunities equipped with new competencies to improve their self-confidence and employability11 communities educated about the benefits of the co-operative business model and fair-trade Web space serving as a 'co-operative fair' for young co-operators around the world to meet, exchange and trade with one another. Educational materials on setting up a co-operative enterprise for use in schools and youth groupsDissemination strategyDissemination is vital in 'CooperACTlON. We will spend considerable time planning how to promote the online platform and how to sustain interest in the co-operative enterprises. The results will be disseminated in the following ways:1 ) Through the network of co-operators who will be ambassadors for the project aims.2) Through continuing the work in the co-operative enterprises.3) Through the online platform, including sections for information and education.4) Through using the activity pack produced for the online platform in the educational activities of our international and the partner organisations.
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