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Contributing to the development of the EU immigration and mobility field of study from a multi-disciplinary approach. Support for the Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studi
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project proposal involves several types of activities, which also includes the organisation of several academic events regarding the integration of immigrants and mobile citizens within the EU, through and from a multidisciplinary perspective, which in our opinion is mandatory for the sustainable development of this study field. The proposal includes some additional activities meant, on the one hand to assure a proper, efficient and fruitful conduct of the project and one the other hand, to enhance the visibility of the activities which means not only to widen the knowledge about this aria of study on a larger public but also to boost the interest of young researchers on this field and to give them the opportunity to make their work known.Therefore, through this proposal of support to the Association of International Relations and European Integration (ARRISE), we aim at achieving the following objectives:- to raise awareness towards the potential influence of integration of immigrants and mobile EU citizens’ policies could have on the process of European integration;- to enhance knowledge regarding the EU policies on the integration of immigrants and mobile citizens among researchers from different study fields, representatives of the civil society, public administration and policy makers;- to develop the EU study field of immigration and mobility;- to enhance the Association’s development in order for it to become a reference point in the EU studies field in Romania.Through this project we will impact young researchers, academics, representatives of public administration, policy makers and representatives of civil society, and others.The impact will be assessed by the following indicators: number of subscribers to ARRISE’s newsletter, number of participants at academic events, number of institutions and organizations reached through the events and the deliverables, the number of participants involved in activities on the academic platform, and others.
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