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Continuous training in quality - Creating an innovative training system with a view to standardising quality management across Europe

The general aim of the training provided in this project is to provide instruction for trainers in quality issues, auditing/counselling experts and certification experts. The ultimate objective is to create a centre of excellence for quality based in Romania at the "Institut supérieur franco-roumain d'agroalimentaire et développement agricole" (promoter). The goal is to standardise quality management across Europe, including the CEECs. Priority is given to new forms of learning and teaching so that the beneficiaries of the project (managers of agricultural and agri-food and young university teachers) can acquire new skills in the field of vocational training and teaching. Throughout the project, the issue of quality will be regarded as a management tool and will relate not only to quality control tools but also to the management of critical points, risk management, new standards applicable in the agri-food sector, the control of products and procedures and the quality of human resources management. The first year of the programme will therefore involve designing and developing courses and training programmes in multimedia form (CD-ROMs, websites) using the new information technologies. At the same time, manuals and teaching guides will be drawn up to enable learners to work on their own between on-line training sessions. The second and third years will focus on the training of groups of learners in the partner countries and on a reciprocal basis. Information on the project will be circulated via the partners' websites and through the networks which already exist within the partnership. At the end of the project, a website will be created which outlines all the results of the training.
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