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Continuing Internationalization at Tradium - part IV
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Tradium hereby apply for 280 mobilities for students, 19 accompanying persons and 35 mobilities for employees. We are aware that this is a very large application, but at the same time, we believe that the application is extremely realistic. Tradium is one of the largest combination schools, and internationalization is very integrated into our organization. This was also the reason why, Tradium got the Danish award as being the International School of the year 2012. Since 2012, we enhanced the international work by sending out even more students and employees, while we have participated in several international projects. In previous mobility projects we have send out whole classes with approximately half grants, so everybody had the opportunity to receive a grant. In the 2014-project we have given a full grant for all participants, with the result that we don't have more than 26 student mobilities left. With this project we apply primarily for grants for mobility in the year 2015/2016, but we have also added some elected classes for 2016/2017. This application is the result of an internal application process, where the departments of Tradium have fulfilled an internal application based on their needs for future mobilities in their department. The mobilities for the year 2016/2017 are for the classes that have integrated the mobilities as a mandatory part of their training and the mobility project to Glasgow (which has been completed the last many years). This type of mobilities we are 100% certain will be realized, and that is why it would be right to inform all the relevant stakeholders about the economic conditions earlier on. For this reason we have applyed for 2016/2017 mobilities for these special classes as well, a total of 101 mobility grants for students + 3 accompanying persons. The project is implemented in continuation of Tradiums strategy of having a global vision, and thus to the desire to integrate internationalization into all of the programs offered by Tradium. The Mobility project is a very important element in this strategy. In this project, we wish to send out 188 VET students, 92 HHX students and 35 employees. VET students are primarily basic course students at either GF1 or GF2, but there are also individual students from the main program (school training students). We are applying for grants to accompanying persons to our basic course students, as these students are relatively young (some are under 18), and many times they are not strong linguistically / culturally. HHX students are all first-year students from the school's two international study programs. Staff members come from all parts of the school: Managers, teachers and administrative staff. The implementation of the mobility project will be in extension of the enclosed MoU / LOI. There will be an increased focus on getting participants' learning outcomes described in a better way (ECVET), partly by using Learning Agreements for the description of the individual's learning outcomes, and assessed by the host partner. At the same time we will maintain the Europass Mobility as a recognition of the skills that the participant has achieved during the mobility. Expected effect for students: The project will help to increase students' linguistic, international and intercultural competencies. Particularly VET students often have a limited global vision, which makes it difficult for them to operate in an international environment. With this project, they will be better to compete with other groups of students on internships and jobs. Regarding HHX / HTX participants, they also need a practical approach to their theoretical education. The work placements for these students will add this dimension. It is expected that most students will have a better chance of employment in the global labor market. They can also act as a pioneer and inspire other students to study abroad. Expected effect for employees / organization: • Employees / managers achieve linguistic, international and intercultural skills so that the organization will be able to support the students mobility. • Employees are provided with relevant professional qualification in their field, as well as greater power to integrate the international aspect in their training • Teachers get new inspiration for teaching and new pedagogical methods and tools • Management and administration gain new skills and inspiration (management, organization, planning, etc.) The results of the mobility project will be evaluated and disseminated, internally as well as externally. The results will be discussed in the departments involved, at Tradium in general and together with other VET institutions, at Facebook and in press releases.

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