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Contemporary Pirates
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was triggered by a fruitful and deep conversation between two young 'Pirates', met during a trainer-course about: how learning process and non-formal education can start to grow a sparkle of life, of evolution, of beauty in daily little things, and how those elements are the gasoline to reach mindful identities. Working and looking for a metaphor to deal with such elements we found a community in Amsterdam and a boat. connecting all the dots on the map, we discovered ourself as pirate, in our choices, in our state of mind and potential energy to spread as design in a youth exchange: Contemporary Pirate - A deep conversation with your identity. It is Youth exchange in the frame of Erasmus+, Key Action 1, Youth mobility, Starting form the 16th till the 25th of September 2016 + two days of APV,15th and 16th of August 2016 where youngsters aged between 18 and 26 will participate equally divided from Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece including participants from each country with fewer opportunity.The project aims to inspire a positive provocation within the support and the power of the site-specific environment located in a green suburb of Amsterdam to gain and improved competences trough workshops, visual art, creative and inter-cultural identities using the YouthPass as instrument to recognize the learning process, valuable skills to apply in the real-life as Euro-Entrepreneurs. The topic chosen of piracy suite perfectly and we present it as an appealing strategy to deal with the power of decisions, self-standing and personal entrepreneurship, to work about evaluating identities and integration in society. The main reason to use piracy as a tool to work with empowerment of youths is because its metaphoric value, which allows the participants to create an environment where young people can think about their own identity in the bigger context, giving space for own opinion and own thoughts, reaching a personal point of view. As pirates use to travel from a place to another, exploring different cultures, this project is also meant to mix 4 cultures around Europe, absorbing the constructive perspective of cultural differences as well as the similarities that come along, consolidating a common sense meant to perceive diversity as a resource and not as an obstacle.That is why, the exchange of experiences, traditions, opinions and even feelings during 10 activity days, will be the main treasure of the youth exchange. The project is aim to switch point of view up-side-down and in-side-out of 25 youngsters to gain cultural cohesion between the new generation of independent thinkers; Facilitate circulations of feedbacks and constructive critique among the participants and partners to let them learn from each others experiences. Understand how choices are the 'ship rudder' through experiential workshops, the strong element that leads to freedom of expression and further limits. Developing entrepreneurial competences using non-formal education methods we will stimulate motivation and rise ability of working in groups. The whole project will be presented as an experience that comes from the power of singularities and how the connections are important elements to improve daily evolution. The good practices concerning self expression that are to be shared around arts and youth work will be carried back home and spread inside families, groups of friends, the partner organizations and local communities.Participants with interest for arts or non-formal education in general, will get deeper in the field as their interest and motivation will grow. The participants will be able and prepared to deal with attitudes and environments in a balanced and independent way 'out of the comfort zone'.Being united as an international group is a sign for being more connected and active into their local communities, leaving the (tendency of) isolation as the answer of life-problem.Nonetheless, finding creative solutions and being able to think creatively as good practice for employability and a wonderful life skill.Will be understood from many points of view and 25 youngsters will become more active into giving and receiving arts, and also more respectful and able to promote it.- The morning activities will start with - Pirate Trigger (about the theme of the day) to focus on European Union's aspects and connections to traditions and culture, dealing with in influence of arts, religion, stories, rights, benefits, participation, obstacles or resources.- The afternoon activities will be based on teaching-learning one or more practical techniques by workshops, focused activity around the topic, volunteering and co-working on the finalization of the boat as a stage with professionals. - The evenings are mainly dedicated to inter-cultural moments, when each country of a time will present their histories and legends from piracy and habits, involving the rest of the participants in the activities.
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