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Construyendo Europa juntos
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school belongs to the the Society of Jesus (Compañía de Jesús) which is a religious congregation of the Catholic Church. The members are called Jesuits. We have students from all ages kindergarten, Primary Education, Secondary Compulsary Education and Bachillerato. It is one of the most important, famous and traditional schools in our town and its main educative aim is to educate people in a global way, in all their dimensions and needs.It is a bilingual centre, English-Spanish and open to an european impact. It is a school which is updated with the different pedagogical and technological innovations which are currently becoming fashionable and willing to carry out any project which will help to broaden our perspective and our students aims and goals. Our group of teachers is very well trained and updated as far as education is concerned. There are 120 people working in our institution and we have 1227 students this year.we are also concerned about sports and outdoor activities, so we have hiking activities, a scout activity with a great number of members and also a club which involves sports such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and athletics.Among our group of teachers we have selected a very particular profile, teachers that are skilled and qualified on their areas of study but who have also acquired english certifications between B2 and C2 in the European Framework of Reference for Languages and who are also involved in the bilingual project.After analyzing the needs of our organisation, three issues and targets stand out in our project: we want to integrate and motivate the participation of our students' families, apply the scientific method in our daily teaching and we want to help our students develop their music sense. This is the reason why the experience we have applied for focuses mainly on the acquirement of new skills and abilities, on being able to provide our students with tools and strategies that could help them explore other european identities and cultures. Last but not least we want to be updated as far as methodologies are concerned.The methodology which is going to be used and applied in these activities will be mainly practical, it will encourage communication among the chosen institutions, allowing cooperative work and the achievement of the aims set.All the broadcasting and impact of the different training and educational activities will be carried out locally, by different workshops not only with our fellow partners or our school community but also with other schools close to us. This is something that we can organise thanks to the work of a teachers' centre we are lucky to be part of 'cfie' (centro de formación del profesorado). They normally organise this type of meetings as they are very into the implementation of new and updated methodologies, especially if at the same time they are related to any european organisations or programmes. Due to our belonging to a Jesuit Networking atmosphere, it is really easy for us to share all the acquired knowledge with other jesuit schools not only at national level but also internationally speaking. Twinspaces will be created so as to contribute and share our experience and knowledge.We really consider that our institution can benefit from this project in several ways: it can help us in future activities that we might carry out if we were given the k2 action we are about to apply for; it could contribute immensely to the personal and professional growth of all the teachers who would take part in the project; and of course it could increase the european identity of our students as citizens of this continent and also help them value and appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity we share.Finally, just say that due to the fact that we are a bilingual centre and that english plays a major role in many school aspects and activities, the linguistic experience and learning that could result out of this project could help us a lot in our daily activity and in our professional excellence as far as european reference languages are concerned.
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