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Construire, Agir, Promouvoir, Entreprendre la Mobilité Professionnelle : Levier pour l’Ouverture Internationale
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CAPEMPLOI is linked to our school’s project which furthers a European development plan for exchanges for future years. By integrating European dimensions to our training courses, we contribute to the construction of a Europe that boasts a dynamic and insightful approach to growth that is capable of battling a worrying socioeconomic crisis.With Erasmus+, the school aims to developing staff teaching methods, establish innovative pedagogical methods and update all project members’ skills. For the participants, it consists of discovering and exchanging new professional techniques, learning Italian, broadening one’s horizons, and becoming an active and capable European citizen comfortably integrated into a foreign society. The main aspect of the project consists of sending students to Italy during their final year of high school so as to give them an international experience worthy of a place on their CV; in order to help them in their search for a career. In widening students’ skill set and offering to them an opportunity to live and work abroad, this program will effectively their hireability on the european job market.This program will send the 24 chosen participants in two waves (March-April 2017-2018): 7 carpenters, 4 metalworkers, and 13 business and administration students. This internship will be the sixth and final of their education, and will last 24 days. All students who have elected to study Italian will be considered for entry into this program. Admission will be based on a language proficiency assessment but also on personal motivation to progress in their academia, which will further motivate students to succeed in their education.The school will prepare students for their stay along with offering help to become settled in this new environment. Prior to program entry ideal candidates will be enrolled in Italian courses.This project is the result of the will to reinforce a business partnership with the city of Ponsacco (since 2006). Each participant will have to accomplish a mission and respect the Quality Chart while achieving the goals previously set. The program will run for a period of 24 months. Program officials will set the parameters for assessment. Each student will benefit from the help of a tutor that will guide them in their progression. This tutor will also participate in final evaluations. The organisation of the trip will be established by Ponsacco City Hall while the financial and logistical aspects will be handled by the school accountant.The choice of the partners perfectly meets the training needs of our students. This partnership with Italy will offer quality work experience recognized professionally worldwide. Carpentry, Layout, and Design, being primary industries in Toscana, are cohesive with work fields in France and create potential for future job opportunities. In the Rhone-Alps region, the demand for French-Italian secretaries is increasing due to commercial relations with Italy being generally dynamic. With this ambitious project, the school aims to cement its willingness to work with other countries and to increase cohesiveness between School, State, and Enterprise. To validate and confirm its success, we will analyze every step of the program. By the end of the training periods, we will objectively be able to see either the success or the failures of our program. We will promote the ERASMUS+ program in schools of our geographical sector so as to inform future students.With CAPEMPLOI, our students are at the core of our school’s preoccupations. We are conscious that globalization implies a mobility of population in all levels, intercultural exchanges whether by personal interaction or through technology are increasing. Professional mobility and international openness are keys to competition, quality and technology.Our students must be ready to be integrated into a new, changing, intricate economic and social context. Students’ ability to adapt and be flexible to the market is a major asset to become citizen and take in charge his or her own future.
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