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Constructing the fast lanes on main road 70 at the Niirala border station (additional funding):
Start date: Mar 31, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The construction of the fast lanes at the Niirala border station was approved by the Selection Committee on February 26, 2004. The cost estimate drafted during project planning proved to be insufficient due to the increase in the general cost level. The lowest quote received in the competitive bidding process exceeded its original cost estimate with a total of €495,000. Due to this, an application for an extension to the project implementation period to the end of October 2006 had already been submitted. Once the Niirala border crossing point began 24-hour service on Sept 1, 2005, the technical functionality of the border point became an even more pressing issue. The investment project was intended to implement the construction of the fast lanes and lane signage for both the arriving (three lanes) and departing (two lanes) lanes for both heavy and light traffic. In addition, the existing road structures were to be reinforced throughout the traffic area. 50 percent of the project funding was received from the European Regional Development fund and 50 percent from the Finnish Road Administration. Achievements: The project’s road structures were completed as planned. The project completed the ’Constructing the fast lanes on main road 70 at the Niirala border station’ project’s arriving and departing lane construction (primarily 2 lanes for both directions) as well as the load-bearing surface, surfacing, road markings, fixed traffic control and the finishing work on the two lanes built by the border station’s X-ray area and the additional departing traffic lane near the border. The planned road structure lane arrangements were finished upon the project’s completion. The new fast lanes improved the flow of traffic, sped up the inspection time at the border, and improved the occupational safety of the staff as well as increased their operational capacity. The traffic lanes built were fully operational when the telemetric traffic control system was completed in the ’Niirala border station’s telemetric traffic control system on main road 70’ project during 2007.

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