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Construção e desenvolvimento de competências profissionais e linguísticas. (Building and developing training and language skills)
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school assumes the project “Building and developing training and language skills” as a challenge and an opportunity to promote and adopt a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, which will allow for the development of improved and creative vocational skill projects and for the inclusion of significant changes in the dynamics within the learning and working process.Due to the fact that some of our regional work places do not provide us with the opportunities and solutions we wish for, we need the students' vocational aptitude projects to be developed and enriched during the international training period by means of a strong and continued contribution on the part of the technicians and tutors of host companies, providing a set of new solutions and new techniques to improve their vocational skills.This internship and international experience will also enable students to live a work experience in an EU country, and to open doors towards integrating them into the European labor market . It is our mission to optimize the formative paths towards excellence and to supply our pupils with best learning tools that may permit them to be easily accepted either by local, national or the European labour market. It is also a project committed to the promotion and adoption of a culture that will surely ecourage the learning process and motivate pupils and teachers alike towards better school results.We will also involve the students´ respective families in this project and in its process. We emphasis the need for improvement of processes by valueing our formative experience. We strongly believe in the potentialities of a Europe without borders and in a European labour market. The participants selected for this project are young learners that currently study in the 10th and 11th school year in a range of three Vocational Courses - Management (Business), Tourism and Information Technology Management. We therefore propose a two year mobility programme which will benefit 24 pupils and six teachers.Our pupils are young learners from the city of Estarreja in the District of Aveiro in Portugal. It is located in the sub-region of the Baixo-Vouga - an unique regional area that has as main attraction its lagoon (Ria). This project will also provide a group of school teachers with innovative digital teaching skills, methodologies and pedagogies with significant success in the classroom and in the management of collaborative school european projects. The proposed courses involve different contents and approaches to foreign language teaching with the use of new tecnologies, thus reaching our objective of overcoming the training needs expressed by the participants, especially by teachers who have the responsibility of teaching vocational course pupils.The main objectives are: 1. To learn new professional practices that will allow for creativity and innovation in the development of vocational aptitude projects;2. To promote the sharing of knowledge, processes and working methods between the pupils and the receiving organizations;3. To develop skills and practices that support problem solving and foster creative and entrepreneurial spirit.4. To develop skills in foreign languages, with a view to improve educational outcomes through the use of innovative methodologies ;5. To contact with other cultures, promoting European citizenship based on the use of multi-language skills.Thus, this project proposal tries to answer the needs felt by these youngsters to broaden their horizons, to get to know other ways of life, to try new work procedures and methodologies, to improve on their vocational aptitude projects, to develop the domain of other languages, to contact with other cultures, to comply with our entrepreneurial educational approach and to provide evidence that the European Community can offer important labour market possibilities.Mobility will take place in Seville (ES) and Portsmouth (UK) in two periods of six weeks each: between May and June 2017 and between April and May 2018. The teachers SL courses will take place in Seville (ES), Portsmouth (UK) and Paris (F) in a two week period.
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