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Consortiu pentru formare prin mobilitate europeana
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project context: The mobility project appears in the cumulate context of both the support of the county strategy ERASMUS+ “EDUCATION OF VALUE IN THE RURAL AREAS” initiated by one of the members of the implementation team and the need to adequate valorization of the ERASMUS+ “A BETTER STUDENTS PERFORMANCE AND RELEVANCE OF THE ACQUIRED COMPETENCIES”. ESMOVIA offer is perfectly fitted on the development strategy of the applicant and it is integrated in the European Plan of Development. The project objectives:Ob1. Maximal valorization of the financing opportunities through Erasmus+ and providing the European dimension of the training for 19 teachers (out of them 3 are school directors) and one school mediator from the rural areas schools belonging to the consortium for training through European mobility; Comp.1. team collaboration skills, skills to organize activities with the class by groups in transnational team, project management, improvement of the communication in official languages of the EU in order to support this opportunity through institutional and educational networking, specific approach of the roma community; Rez.1. This objective could be achieved by implementation of this mobility project: Consortium for training through European mobility, 3 schools from rural areas, 19 teachers and one school mediator. Ob.2. Providing the European dimension of the education and training relevance in the 3 schools from rural areas through significant activities in terms of acquired competencies; Comp.2. project based training, integrated learning through content and language, digital learning with the aid of eTwinning and transnational joint projects; Rez.2. at least 7 classes from the primary level and at least 8 different disciplines;Ob.3. Implementation of the course subjects in institutional development based on projects, proficient management, evaluation centered on results and transfer of good practices, innovation, transnational communication in the 3 schools from rural areas; Comp.3. better communication in widely used European languages: English, Spanish, building the educational staff team spirit, build of the team spirit in class, planning and management of the European projects of success, individual particularities and of diversity in roma communities, motivation and satisfaction of participation to education, modalities to create a favorable environment for learning in order to motivate and bring school satisfaction, providing space for local practices sharing through international experiences with institutional development potential through projects and also wide promoting of the learning based on projects eTwinning. Number and profile of the participants: 20 teachers under the supervision of the applicant will participate to 4 structured courses in Valencia at ESMOVIA, representative institution in the field of training of the personal from the school education field, with European recognition, promoter of an applied approach of the in-service training. The methodology used throughout the project: A management of the human resources centered on valorization of the potential of the Erasmus+ program for institutional development: to help school managers to help themselves; to help teachers to help themselves; to promote project based learning by using eTwinning. Expected results for the present mobility project are placed in two main categories: - Expected results for the personnel: improved competencies according to the professional profile of each teacher, for all of the 20 persons selected from the 3 sending organizations relevant for the proposed EDP, by participation to one of the selected training stage; increased ability of the participants to collaborate for achievement of a adequate operational plan for support the Erasmus+ strategy for education of value in rural areas, increased capacity to transfer good practices from non-formal context to formal context, a wider understanding of the social, cultural and language diversity translated in new inter-institutional cooperation contexts, improved language competencies, increased motivation and satisfaction on the working place for those 20 beneficiary of the mobility project. - Expected results for the organizations: an adequate operational plan for support the strategy contained by EDP; an improvement of the European mobility for professional training for the schools from rural areas; at least one mobility project every year and at least one strategic project every year relevant for the schools from rural areas.Potential benefits on long term: increase of the European mobility in Cluj school network with emphasis on rural areas.

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