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Consolidación del Proyecto de Formación e Innovación del centro "Hacia el plurilingüismo 2014-2015"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Two aims provide the backbone of the main projects and activities in our secondary school :  diversity outreach and the inclusion of disadvanteged school groups (PREE, PROA, Diversificación Curricular, Coeducación and Leyendo En Parejas) , and  multilingual teaching-learning processes (Multilingual Project, School Exchanges). The main strategic goal in the school’s Plan of European Development aims at providing our pupils and the whole educational community with a school that is open to Europe, that has an efficient management as well as up-dated teaching methods and tools. This plan should also focus on  improving the quality of the teaching of English,  improving digital and learning-to-learn competence,  increasing the students’ motivation, So that by the time they leave school, they have already acquired the necessary skills to efficiently communicate in English with citizens from other European countries. Our main needs in this field are:  improve or reinforce the linguistic competence of the school’s teaching staff,  strenghthen the European dimension of the school,  make the most of the technical resources available at the school, and  improve the school management as well as the teaching methods. Our objective for the coming academic year 2015-2016 is that four teachers from our school take part in teacher-training courses so that they can - not only improve or reinforce their linguistic competence in English, - but also learn how to strenghthen the European dimension of the school, enrich their teaching resources in the teaching of English or of another subject in English (CLIL methodology), as well as develop links with teachers from other European schools.  Teachers from the English Language Department: courses for the improvement of their digital competence in the teaching of English and in English. In addition to the English Language, both people teach other subjects in English (Drawing, British Culture, Ethics, Classical Civilizations).  Teachers from the History and Geography Department: courses for the improvement of their linguistic competence in English. This person teaches Geography and History to the pupils in the Multilingual Project and intends to improve her oral skill in English in order to acquire more fluency and therefore become more efficient.  Member of the School Board: Course on Development of the European Dimension. This teacher is in charge of the exchanges that the school carries out with other European secondary schools. She can contribute to the strenghthening of the European dimension of the school, the inclusiveness and equality. When selecting the candidates, the Committee will bear in mind the following criteria: • the candidates’ motivation and implication in the school projects • their qualification in the English Language • the impact that their training may have on the school. Before starting the courses, the organizers will require from the participants the necessary information to better meet their needs and interests. They will also send each participant detailed information about the contents of the course, names of the other participants, supplementary and optional activities, bibliography, and any activity that might be advisable to carry out before the biginning of the course. The impact of the course expected on the teachers taking part in them includes - the improvement or reinforcement of their linguistic competence in English, - the development of links with teachers from other European schools, - the enrichment of their teaching resources and experience, leading to more efficient teaching, - a different approach to the teaching of their subjects, as well as - more motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm in it, - more intercultural awareness and appreciation for other European countries’ attitudes and cultures, - better knowledge of the education system in other European countries, - better skills with the use of ICT in the teaching of English. All these factors are expected to result in a more efficient teaching by the teachers taking part in the courses and their school colleagues, which will be to the benefit of the whole educational community.

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