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Conscious and Healthy Sportsmen – Doping-free Olympics
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This sports and youth partnership project is organised by The Directorate of Sports and Youth in Gebze. There are 5 countries and 5 institutions in total. The partner institutions are from Greece, Romania, Hungary adn Italy. The rationale of this project mainly depends on a needs analysis and questionnaires applied to the students/trainees and teachers/trainers at our institutions. (the questionnaire and the reference list is attached to the form). These applications revealed that sportsmen and trainers from many different branches find themselves insufficient about the topic of the project. And almost everybody at our institutions agreed on the idea that international organisations and educational programme would make valuable contributions to them. Furthermore, we examined some articles and researches from the literature and it became clear that, the rate of the sportsmen who are using doping is getting worse year by year. We also examined the last 5 olympic organisations and found that in each olympics the number of the doping using sportmen is increasing. This atmosphere makes instruction and education very important at small ages and this can be done by the youth centers and schools before the teenagers begin their professional sport lives. The primary aims of this project are to create an awareness about olympic games by making every stakeholder an active part of sportive activities. While creating an awareness of olympic games, we also planned various educational activities with the aim of informing sportsmen from every level about the hazards of doping for their health and sport lives, what is more, we planned some courses/workshops and seminars about the philosophy of olympics such as peace and brothership, which are vital in the international arena in today's world. International teaching and learning activities are planned to make it possible for the trainees/students possible to observe other nations, take part in international sports activities and to feel a member of a rich team. For the trainers and teachers, these meetings will be great opportunities to share experiences and exchange good practices with their colleagues. To make the activities more effective, each county selected one of the sport branches from the olympic games and planned to organise tournaments and activities during the visits. All of the attendants will be required to make a little research about the chosen sport branch before the meeting and by doing so they will be informed about the rules, history and philosophy of that sport in detail. When presenting their researches they will improve their foreign language abilities. Also, apart from the sports activities, educational courses/seminars and some cultural activities are planned for each project meeting, in order to reach further impacts, not only sportive awareness. Academic personnel from universities, internationally successful and well-known sportsmen will join these mini-courses and seminars. For dissemination activities and sustainability activities a plan and task sharing is prepared, and every partner is given some responsibility for these phases of project. Finally, when we consider the characteristics and scope of work of the partners, this project has much to contribute to our institutions, trainees at our sports centers, students at schools and by the effective dissemination for the whole public.
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