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“Conociendo otros sistemas, mejoramos la calidad de nuestra enseñanza”
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project called "Knowing other systems, we improve our teaching skills" arose out of a study conducted at our Center in which has been observed that we have a lack of internationalization and that the European added value in the training of the teachers of our Center, it is not enough. Consequently, we have come to the conclusion that we must continue focusing on this aspect to improve the international dimension of our institution, because although our Center has more than 25 years of experience, this has impacted so far largely locally and in recent years also at the regional level, but not at the international level. In fact, our Center is one of the pioneers of the region to implement the experimental plan of bilingual children and one of the only two centers with bilingual advanced level of the region of Murcia. For this reason, we have believed convenient to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the EU, thanks to the Erasmus + KA1 action, to elaborate this project whose backbone is the "European dimension" and consequently the "internationalization" that conform one of our main objectives, under the thematic heading "European citizenship, consciousness Europe and democracy". To do this, we have established a mobility strategy for the two teachers been selected, consisting in: 1.-A Job Shadowing, made by two professors of our Center that have been selected during the period between late August and early September 2015. Objective 1: to observe more closely the educational system in Finland (the country that on the other hand ranks first in the rankings of the PISA report) and to rise a level of educational innovation, incorporating the knowledge of one of the institutions with a reputed education system within the European scope. Objective 2: Try to take advantage of the situation to this KA1 provides us, to know each other better looking in case of a future consolidation of the Association for educational purposes. 2. A course of training that combines theoretical training with structured visits by the Finnish education system and supplementing this Job Shadowing, to carry out, during the month of April 2016 for the same two selected teachers. Objective 1: To contribute to the teaching staff of our Center by training programs for the developping design strategies of teaching‐learning experiences (motivating, collaborative, relevant activities involving the use of ICT), resources (selection, adaptation and creation of teaching materials) management strategies and collaborative investigative work and creative strategies of evaluation. Considering that we intend to carry out a process of modernization and internationalization, and collaborate with the professional development of our staff through new innovative methodologies, both activities involve a marked European context and also help us achieve the other two objectives of our project: A.- The improvement of our methodology. B.- The improvement of our digital competence. In essence, this project aims to contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives related to the decrease in the rates of early school leaving below 10% and get that a greater number of our students continue graduating himselfs at the end of the compulsory education stage. For this reason, we will try people in our Center to seize the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as a result of the participation in it, hoping that the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the European mobility project as well as the dissemination of the results, can produce more professional knowledge in our institution and further development of the key skills of our students.
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