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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Institut Miquel Martí is a Secondary school situated in Roda de Ter, Catalonia. This academic year, there are 370 students in attendance from 12 to 17 years old.Our centre has been taking part in a project called GEP (Experimental Project towards Plurilinguism) since 2014-2015. Coupled with our regular English language classes, there are three additional subject areas which are taught in English: Social Sciences, Music and Maths. Beyond this, many eTwinning projects related to various cultural topics have been carried out. Our school has been progressively increasing the number of hours of the above said curricular subjects taught in English. As a result, our centre is becoming increasingly specialized in the field of plurilinguism, with the aim of achieving educational success amongst our students. Our centre has set very clear objectives for the teachers’ mobility project (bilateral):- English language competence: to reduce the number of students with a low level of English and to increase the percentage of students attaining a high level of English. In addition, we aim to stimulate the broadened use of English in order for our students to acquire the ability to communicate and express themselves in different situations and contexts and to use English as a vehicle of instruction and communication. We also strive to incorporate linguistic and communicative dynamic actions (both oral and written).- New teaching methods and tools: throughout the project, the participants will gain firsthand experience of the use of all kinds of ICT tools, as well as new and innovative teaching methodologies and organizational strategies, cooperative and collaborative work in order to provide successful learning experiences and be able to include a European approach in their teaching practice. - The centre organization: as our school is currently updating its School Educational Project, it would be beneficial to learn about the Educational project from the Finnish school, since they are considered to be pioneering projects based in excellence and equity (EFQM model). - Inclusive school: with the objective of improving in this field, we are specifically aiming to learn and see methods and techniques used in Finnish schools to approach diversity, not only for students with special needs but also to accommodate for gifted students. All participants have been selected as they are part of the plurilingual projects being carried out in the centre and, of course, according to the above-mentioned objectives and needs. In total, 5 teachers have been selected for the project, three of whom are involved in the GEP project (a Maths, Music and Social Science teacher) and a fourth member of staff who is an English teacher. In conjunction with the head teacher, we have created a commission for designing, organizing and developing the project via weekly meetings, email and the pbworks platform (wiki).All of our participants are interested in acquiring new didactic approaches with regard to their areas; however, everyone has clear objectives to deal with our centre needs. English teacher will focus on new methodologies related to language didactics, integration of ICT tools and learning environment (unique in the host centre) and new organizational methods (related to the English curriculum and contents). Social Science teacher specially interested in the involvement of the families in the school. Music teacher will acquire new strategies on how to deal with diversity (inclusive school). Maths teacher will learn about new Maths teaching strategies throughout CLIL methodology and will join the cooperation project with Korea. Principal of the school interested in observing and comparing the School Educational project and strategies regarding the centre management. The activities we are going to carry out in this teachers’ mobility project re the following:Job shadowing in Turenki Secondary School) in Turenki, municipality of Janakkala, Finland.The duration of the project is 5 days of observation period (job shadowing) plus 1 day for travelling. It will be carrried out the last week of April, 2017. Our Finnish partner will be responsible for receiving, guiding and being the tutor of our teachers in order to provide as many succesful teaching experiences as possible. We expect that the competences and experience acquired during the project will allow our participants to consolidate and utilize innovative teaching methods, tools and new organizational strategies with regard to the contents. At the same time, we will be able to establish new criteria for developing and updating the School Educational Project regarding its organization and management. Furthermore, we plan to disseminate the project outcomes across different platforms (for example, the centre website, the Erasmus+ project results platform, press, workshops, amongst others).
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