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Connected in Differences
Start date: Jan 4, 2016, End date: Jul 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Migration is probably the hottest topics right now. Everybody is talking about it and everyone have an opinion about it, but very few people actually know what is the difference between refugee, asylum seeker and immigrant, what are the causes of movement, do they have right to social protection or how countries should manage refugees. The first idea for this youth exchange came also from a confused young person who came to the youth center one day and asked several questions about the situation in the world. Her main concern was about all the refugees that Estonia is supposed to welcome. She didn't know exactly what does it mean, how these people will come and from where they will be. There was also a big fear of cultural and linguistic differences. This and many other cases where youngsters came to youth worker to ask questions or express their fear, misunderstanding, anger or confusion about the topic, made group of young people to act to change the situation. The youth exchange "Connected in Differences" will bring together 33 participants from 5 countries (Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Denmark and Italy) to discover the field of migration. The main aim of the exchange is to widen youngsters world view on the topic of migration, make them more tolerant and acceptable toward differences and give them competences to address the problem in society. Based on the aim, following objectives were set: - Giving participants time and space to learn, share, experience and reflect on different dimensions of migration and mobility - Develop participants tolerance and acceptance toward differences - Develop deeper understanding about different sides and aspects of migration and mobility - Develop cross-cultural awareness by providing structured space for sharing, experiencing and addressing intercultural learning - Initiate co-operations between NGOs all around Europe to develop new initiatives in the field of youth and mobility within Erasmus+ The activity programme will focus on principles of intercultural dialogue as a way of bringing young people in European Union closer to each other. Social cohesion will be discussed not only in the European context but also in the wider pan-European context. Key challenges of migration, such as migrant inclusion and integration, require solidarity and tolerance, and this YE aims at equipping participants with tools of fostering solidarity and tolerance among young people in order to address challenges of international migration and mobility. Youth exchange will help to develop participants skill in working with migration and therefore promote actions on European citizenship and EU's core values as democracy, human rights and it's possibilities to relieve the difficulties of migration through intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and integration of migrants by making young people more active and responsible for the society.
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