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Connect !!!
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

The YE "Connect!!!"will give the opportunity to 42youngsters from 6countries, Macedonia,Serbia,Bosnia,Bulgaria,Romania and Italy to re-connect with nature and learn about environment main elements water,soil,trees,forests,plants and animals through outdoor activities in nature.For 9days these youngsters will establish a link between them and nature,will explore the beauties of nature through the eye of camera and paint brush.Non-formal methods of learning will be used like team building,games,role play and various outdoor activities - nature hunts,hiking and mountaineering,collecting plants for creating of their own nature book,learning about plants role in our life,creative workshops about photography and art depending on their personal interest.They will take part in educative workshops about environment,learning facts about environment and resources of nature around us and later present the balance that exist in nature through painting nature and producing photos of nature wonders versus photos from urban cities and urban life,finding a way to link the two worlds-nature world and urban world.Participants will make a link between them and will have the chance to learn more about eachother,about different cultures and traditions,different countries.Participants will connect despite their different backgrounds.Last result of the project will be produced photography/art exhibition open to local youngsters to see nature wonders and re-connect to nature through pictures.We believe that the exhibition will motivate many youngsters to search for environmental knowledge and at least take a long walk in some forest and to listen to the call of nature. InfoBook will be produces in form of tool that can be use when learning about nature elements,containing educative part,fun part with outdoor activities that can be implement in nature and photos taken for the exhibition.Everything in nature is connected–we are all connected–lets experience the connection=will be our motto

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