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Connect to animate
Start date: Aug 5, 2014, End date: Jan 5, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Connect to animate” started from the need of youth workers to stop volunteers from leaving an association a short while after enrolling. Analyzing the volunteers’’ answers to the reason of leaving, we extracted the common points for the 6 collaborating associations and we defined the project’s goal: Maintaining volunteers in an association for a long period of time by implementing the correct non-formal methods, with an emphasis on socio-educative animation methods. Steps for life is the association in charge of implementing this mobilizing effort which will take place in Cluj (04-14.08.2014), together with the following organizations and informal groups: Orenda Foundation, La insola che non c’e, Turkey Youth Union Association, United Societies of Balkan și Grupul informal IRRGI. Ensuing the discussions previous to the project, the 6 partners created the goals that will be accomplished during the 4 months (15.07.2014-15-11.2014) of the project: 1. At the of the project, the 24 youth workers will have improved their knowledge on: types of motivation, styles of learning, the stages of forming a group, characteristics of formal, non-formal and informal education. 2. At the end of this project, the 24 youth workers will have improved their abilities to recruit volunteers, form a team, motivate volunteers and propose new activities, especially through the use of socio-educative methods and other non-formal methods used in Connector. 3. At the end of the project, the 24 youth workers will have developed an understanding of volunteers, of inclusion and equal chances, through the use of socio-educative animation, to encourage groups to join full heartedly in actions of solving problems in their own community. 4. At the end of the project, the 24 youth workers will have produced a brochure which contains 10 socio-educative animation methods and non-formal methods suited to the implication and motivation of groups of volunteers. 5. At the end of the project, the 24 youth workers will have produced 6 videos with recordings of the treasure hunt method implemented in their community and distributed online. The project’s activities will take shape around the days of the international event Connecter and the youth workers will participate in training sessions prepared by partners and trainers as well as in sessions of learning non-formal methods created by Connector. During the first days of the project we will be concentrating on providing the practical information regarding the stages of forming a group, motivation, styles of learning, as well as understanding the methods of socio-educative animation through practicing in the community. We will use team- building methods as Mission Impossible to draw young people to the event Connector and a series of energizers in which we will be involving children and teenagers and we will be raising the project’s visibility. The impact on the community of Predeal will be reached through the implication of people in dissemination activities in Connecter as well as involvement in the Treasure-Hunt created by the participants for foreigners participating in the event and for local people. This method will be professionally recorded and distributed online together with other 5 videos which represent the implementation of the method in the communities the participants are a part of. The impact will be also felt by the collaborating organizations through raising of visibility, offering new methods of drawing groups and maintaining volunteers in associations, but especially through the the self-confidence of youth workers. We will be editing a brochure the subject What does socio-education mean and how does it help us in motivating our volunteers, applied together with other non-formal methods”, that will contain a minimum of 10 methods, carefully selected and explained by the participants in the project. The brochure will be distributed to a series of ONGs in Cluj, Bucuresti and in the community of the partners, but it will also be available for download in English or in the language of the partners. We stipulate that following this project, youth workers will be better prepared in maintaing and motivating their volunteers in organizations/informal groups and that they will be more open to implementing projects and activities that have as a foundation socio-educative animation and non-formal methods. We believe that the collaboration will be longstanding and we are convinced that the project will be precursory to the formation of a strategic partnership, action K2.

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