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Connect the TEachers to reach and teach the NEt GENeration

Prompt Education – the initiator of Tenegen project – accredited in 2005 a three module training program in Hungary to develop teachers’ e-learning competencies. The course was delivered in typical e-learning 1.0 approach implemented in Moodle LMS with “traditional” online course components.Hundreds of Hungarian teachers took part in the training during the years, and gained basic competences in designing and developing learning objects, managing learning/teaching process in LMS. However in 2008 we had to realize that the typical e-learning 1.0 solution was not able to mediate e-learning innovation any more. In the frame of the project the consortium will renew the Hungarian modules by adapting the innovations of two earlier LdV projects. These are the NETwork for Teaching Information Society (NETIS) and Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective (SLOOP). The SLOOP project demonstrates the main concepts of e-learning 2.0, while NETIS provides the very philosophical, sociological, pedagogical thesis to understand the new paradigms of teaching/learning in the Information Society.
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