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Connect Seniors to the Digital World
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BackgroundAccessing the internet and benefitting from its opportunities for information research, e-commerce, communication and participation became self-evident for most people in the last decade. The internet has transformed almost every aspect of private, public and professional live. People are finding jobs, organising daily life, communicating with relatives and friends or are searching for individual information. However 18 per cent of Europeans aged 16 to 74 never used the internet and the biggest group of them consists of adults older than 65 years. Objectives / Impact"Connect Seniors to the Digital World" aims to promote participation of elderly people in society through getting in touch with online services and applications supported by the usage of tablets. As the usage of tablets supports an intuitive way of operating and exploring it is a suitable device to empower elderly people. The target group of the project are multipliers and staff members of non-formal learning settings, like community centres, libraries or social institutions. At least 40 multipliers and staff members of non-formal learning settings - 10 per each participating country - will take part in the test period of the project. Those will be qualified through a training which focuses on the usage of tablets and their opportunities to address elderly people. They will learn how to provide services and how to support the beneficiaries - elderly people – of the project by using those devices. Further 120 elderly people - 30 in each participating country - will benefit from new services within the piloting period. Thus, elderly people have the opportunity to learn the usage of internet and application through using intuitive devices while being coached by multipliers and staff members of non-formal learning settings. Further the project will involve stakeholders from welfare organisations - at national and European level - in order to activate and enrich the debate of how to support senior citizens by using ICT services. The project improves the participation of elderly people in social live and will increases the quality of educational services that partner organisations are delivering to society.Content / ResultsThe project consortium will analyse the training needs of multipliers as well as the interests and expectations of senior citizens according to the internet in all participating countries. Based on those findings a learning concept and a learner centred curriculum with innovative methods of social work for senior citizens will be developed and piloted within the project. The curriculum and learning concept will be under a creative comment license so all materials will be published as OER. The online learning environment supports multipliers and staff members in developing services within their institutions. It provides link recommendations, video and learning materials adapted to the needs of multipliers and staff members. Further the project will provide guidelines for implementing the approach on organisations and institutions based on the piloted trainings. Additionally it will develop recommendations for the European transfer of the approach. On national and European level, stakeholders will be involved in the project from the beginning.
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