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Conflicts created on the basis of different cultural backgrounds in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The results of the Project are:-Diagnosis of conflict variation, their sources and means of solving them in SME sector companies, carried out in partnering countries, based on questionnaire. - Integrated tools supporting conflict and differences solving that frequently appear within SME sector. The tool mainly based on e-learning system “MUST”, consisting of two elements: 1) virtual world where the user encounter all sorts of conflict situations that require solving; 2) “Tutorial” covering all vital information connected with positive management of conflicts and differences within SME companies sector. The tool also contains training program depicting its effective usage. All project’s products are available on a special e-learning platform, which also enable sharing of experience and posting opinions of individuals interested in subject connected with positive management of conflicts and differences. - Informing campaign promoting positive management of conflicts and cultural differences within SME sector companies (project’s website, e-group, conferences and press articles, brochures, posters, the tool available on e-learning platform and CD-ROMs). - Project’s internet website, as well as e-group consisting of project partners and its beneficiaries.- International Partner Management Plan prepared by coordinator (with active partners’ cooperation) which main aim was facilitate international cooperation within project’s borders (description of actions and detailed duty’s description, task realization schedule, communication rules and solving of potential problems emerging during cooperation within project’s borders).- Evaluation reports enabling swift solving of potential problems and dealing with encountered obstacles connected with project’s development, indicating progress and enabling implementation of all necessary changes.
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