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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today's world is in a state of constant change. In the European Union this change can be felt in the high numbers of unemployed young people under the age of 30. In some member states the unemployment rate for young people is as high as 50%. These statistics indicate that there is a real disconnect between the systems in place (such as educational, political and employment) and the opportunities available to youth today. This is a multilevel concern and problematic in many ways. One of which is that large majority of young people have an unfortunate beginning to their career and young adult life. Unemployment has often been seen as a failure in today's society and this will reflect negatively on those that are affected and leave them without much optimism for their future options. This is a real problem for the many unemployed individuals under the age of 30 in Europe but it's at the same time a potential future problem for the many young people still enrolled in the educational systems. The aim of MEMORY30's project 'Confessions' is to provide different perspectives to these young people (enrolled in education or recently graduated). We have through research, identified prominent individuals that have both encountered obstacles (like failure, unemployment, illness, career change and unexpected life occurrences before achieving great success on their career path and personal life. By interviewing them and publishing the interviews online we want to share their stories of failure and success and provide a different perspective on how to think about life and career. The interviews will be published on our online platform. The interviews show accomplished individuals that have faced difficulties and turned failure into an advantage. We give young people the chance to learn from those more experienced through a modern and simple online presence. This social entrepreneurial project is developed in close collaboration with pupils and teachers from public schools across Iceland, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. The individuals that we have spoken with so far that have agreed to be interviewed, are young and adult leaders from the areas of film, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, environmental activism and politicians in government. The title 'Confessions' is derived from the Jean-Jacques Rousseau autobiography: Confessions from 1782. It was the first autobiography in history and stood out because of it's honest style not shying away from showing himself in situations of failure and difficulties. By doing so he shied away from showing a polished hard-to-retain image of himself. We feel this relates well to our project, as young people need to understand that behind most success failure can be found and that everyone will experience it at some point it their life. Rousseau further more seems relevant reference as he is known for his educational philosophy at a previous time of change in Europe. Memory30 is a North European informal youth network consisting of 16 members. With a background in entrepreneurship, film and media. We are passionate about innovation within education and using social entrepreneurial methods to achieve change.
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