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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In order to reduce the rate of early school leaving before finishing the secundary education stage, the lack of motivation and interest in studying foreign languages and with the idea of improving students' results and teachers' practice , this school has decided to apply for this project. We understand that teacher training courses are absolutely necessary if we want a better performance inside the classroom since these mobility opportunities will help us learn how other schools deal with the same problems we have. They , will also give us the possibility to adapt different methodology approaches to our own school and feel that we are closer to the rest of the European countries because in this way, we will have more things to share. The eight participants are teachers of English and French, two of Content and Language Integrated Learning(CLIL), one of Social Sciences (history and geography) a Biology teacher, one teacher of students with special needs and one more;,all of us very interested in taking part in European projects and in reaching the objectives of this project.We have chosen a variety of courses which will lead to improve different aspects of the school needs established above, in this way, after the mobilities we will have a span of ideas, strategies and plans to modify and modernize the curriculum and methodology and this will be shared by all the staff, reaching all the departments. In this way the teachers of English and French will do courses about the use of new technologies in the foreign language classroom, strategies to avoid early school leaving, innovative ideas to motivate students, methodology carried out in other European countries , the British Education system including visits to schools in England to see how schools work there ( job shadowing, included in a course). The CLIL teachers will improve their practice and will also implement new and more modern and innovative methodology in their classrooms. And as for the special needs teacherand the other one it will be a good opportunity to improve their communicative skills , share activities and projects and help in the remedial education groups.We are sure that this mobility opportunity is going to be an important key factor to reduce early school leaving, to enhance motivation and interest in learning foreign languages and to have a better command of languages for both teachers and students. This will also have an impact on the future and internationalization of both our school and our town.
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