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Concept and content of a profession based on learning outcomes for occupational travellers using the example of "showman" on the basis of the European Quality Framework EQF

Education of young showmen constantly travelling for their business faces great problems because our educational systems are aligned with resident students. Often young showmen are integrated in the family business to contribute to the business success. Their vocational training is traditionally led by the principle of 'learning by doing' in the family-owned enterprise. However, professional know-how of technical and commercial subjects will be a decisive criterion whether a showman's business will be competitive or not.Within the EU the current situation is perceived as inadequate so that the project ett-edu (european transfer of travellers´ vocational education) was aimed to improve this situation decisively. Aims and results====== 1. Transfer of existing training programmes: The concept of 'Bekosch' of the Vocational College in Herne was adapted and introduced to the partner institutions although difficult conditions prevented the installation of a pilot course in the Lycée Peltier/FR. But it became clear in Herford/DE and Gloucester/GB that the showmen indeed are very interested in vocational courses that are specifically adapted to their needs. 2. Learning outcomes approach in the vocational education for showmen: The showmen's associations ESU, DSB and BSM participating in ett-edu drafted the model for the work of a showman as guidance for the project realization. This European model – based on the EQF - is the basis for the catalogue of commercial qualification modules required for running a fairground business that was designed during ett-edu. This educational framework consists of 10 learning units in three levels (EQF 2-4) and combines traditional training units such as “Purchasing Goods” with showmen-specific modules which are concerned with Event Management, Start-up Business, and Corporate Governance – a unique combination unknown so far in other programmes. 3. Creation of acceptance among the target group and among educational facilities: Communication work constituted one focus of the project because many showmen think vocational training in college unnecessary. ett-edu tried to dispel any reservations in this respect and promoted the educational acceptance of the target group. Many publications accompanied the project, e.g. a film on one of the biggest German public channels. Furthermore, ett-edu improved the cooperation between colleges/inspectorates on one side and showmen/associations on the other side.
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