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Composing with Sounds: Widening Electroacoustic Music Participation
Start date: May 1, 2011,

Electroacoustic music making is open to everyone regardless of level, yet a gap exists between amateur and professional composition approaches. The Sound Organiser Experience is an international production project, bringing together high-level professional cultural and educational institutions, schools and musicians of all ages. In order to introduce this music making to younger audiences, the Sound Organiser software system will be created. The main objectives of CwithS are:1) To establish European collaboration between groups of professional composers and amateur composers (11 years old upwards), all working on a project in pairs with the same tools, exchanging sounds, intentions and composing two related works, eventually remixing each other’s works, each one supporting and learning from the other. 2) To host a series of concerts at 6 professional sites presenting events oriented towards young people, where the project participants (e.g. 2 pairs per event) will present their experience and their music (pieces of ca. 5'-7’) with music made in the partners’ countries, followed by a concert for the general public. Concert downloads will be available online. 3) To develop a sound management tool, the Sound Organiser. It will contain high-level editing, processing and mixing functions simplified to a highly intuitive, user-friendly approach and work within an online learning environment to ensure that learners at all levels can gain an understanding efficiently. This environment will consist of relevant information, tools and tasks; it will evolve based on user input; furthermore, individuals’ work can be up- and downloaded, they can remix works, take part in an intercultural dialogue with their peers, and search for collaborative partners.4) To support dissemination of the project’s methods through a series of workshops at the end of the period as well as via print and online publications.

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