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Compose Your Competences
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Compose your Competences is a 10-day training course, 25 April – 04 May 2012 in Hollókő, Hungary, organised and hosted by Egyesek Youth Association. Participants are 32 youth workers and volunteers of 15 organisations from 13 countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Netherlands and Hungary) supported by 2 trainers & 4 support staff.Themes of the TC:- Identifying common needs, interests, values and principles for youth in Europe- Strengthening the role and opportunities of local youth work- Increasing employability and local participation by non-formal education and the development of key competences-Improving professional competences of youth workers Objectives:- To create new projects and partnerships within the Youth in Action Program promoting volunteering, social inclusion, diversity, tolerance and solidarity- To incease employability and participation of young people by local and international projects- To introduce YouthPass as a tool of designing and facilitating learning processes- To develop professional skills of youth workers, focusing on self-assessment and the competence “learning to learn”- To provide information, share best practice and experience We use methods of non-formal education: discussions, debates, dialogue groups, action planning, interactive presentations, simulations, creative problem solving exercises. Activities include skills-development workshops on cultural awareness, local participation, self-assessment, improvement of key competences, NGO and project presentations, sharing best practices and case studies, project planning, cultural presentations, outdoor training and planning new projects. We involve participants in all project phases, they take an active role in the preparation, implementation of program parts of the TC and integrate the results into their activities in their countries during follow-up, dissemination and into new projects.

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