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Complex sustainable rehabilitation programme for wetlands on protected territories through naturalization (ECOREHAB2)
Start date: Sep 30, 2012, End date: Oct 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is a new nature protection project built on a successfully implemented interregional (INTERREG II/A, HURO-CBC 0802) set of pilot programmes that wishes to expand the systematic and sustainable rehabilitation procedure of the wetlands in the two countries to the rehabilitation and prevention of the wetlands of the dune slack meadows. Based on the previous results, the project offers a simple solution to the management of a very serious interregional problem. Within the project, we wish to realize the environmental rehabilitation of cross-border protected and endangered wetlands, dune slack meadows, through the naturalization of water buffalos (Bubalus bubalus). Instead of the grown-up buffalos, we wish to involve a high number of buffalo calves for the rehabilitation of the sensitive area, allowing them to participate in a valuable activity in line with the grown-up animals.This would enable a systematic rehabilitation solution for the protection of the sensitive dune slack meadows, and its application in the two countries. The general objective of the project is creation of a nature conservation programme for the rehabilitation of the highly sensitive dune slack meadows Target groups: Nature protection organizations and experts, (2) scientific researchers and research groups (3) pedagogues, local governments (those, who work mainly in the field of nature protection and other related fields), 300 persons/year; (4) agricultural private persons and farms (those, whose aim is to disseminate the eco-effective farming forms and other environmentally friendly production methods) 2000 persons/year; (5) youth and school groups (those, who are expected to master the information on environmental culture in a wider sense) 5000 persons/year; (6) full-time or seasonal employees on the rehabilitation territories 2 persons/year.The main specific activities of the project are: expansion of buffalo farms and the procurement of maintenance equipment and dissemination infrastructure: expansion of buffalo farm in PECICA; expansion of buffalo farm in MÓRAHALOM; establish the House of young explorers on the project location. Expected Results: Main results: 2 buffalo farms expanded; the House of young explorers established; 6 advertisements in professional magazines; 1 Content Management System (CMS) project website with web 2.0 elements available in 3 languages; 2 notice boards; 2 permanent information boards; 2 press conferences; 16 photo documentations (available on the website); newspaper articles; 2 Information posters.

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