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Complex reconstruction of border crossing points in Invangorod and in Narva (NARVA BCP)
Start date: Feb 15, 2011, End date: Dec 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

There are two BCP complexes located in the populated urban areas of the cities of Narva (EE) and Ivangorod (RF): the road BCP complex (Narva-1, ABCP-Ivangorod) is intended for motor vehicles (trucks, buses, passenger cars) and for pedestrians crossing the border, while the other complex (Narva-2, PBCP) is intended only for pedestrians. The road BCP complex (Narva-1, ABCP) was built more than 15 years ago (ABCP-Ivangorod in 1992, Narva-1 in 1994-1997). The number of border-crossings has grown considerably since that time almost achieving the maximum capacity. The reason of inefficient use of the road BCP complex is the difference between the capacity and infrastructure capabilities of the BCP´s on both sides: Narva-1 has 2 lanes for buses, ABCP-Ivangorod has a separate terminal for buses and bus passengers can be serviced in 4 lanes; Narva-1 has 2 lanes for passenger cars, ABCP-Ivangorod 6 lanes; Narva-1 has 4 lanes for pedestrians, ABCP-Ivangorod 6 lanes. PBCP-complex on the RU side does not meet the BCP´s requirements and has to be synchronised with Narva-2, which was opened in 2007. Narva-2 also needs to be improved in order to eliminate identified deficiencies. To syncronise BCPs all interested parties are included – public authorities of RF and EE, which are responsible for the development of BCPs, institutions, which work in the BCPs and whose needs have to be taken into account during the preparation and construction stages. As a result of joint activities will be established technical prerequisites in order to increase throughput capacity and provide smooth border-crossing. Achievements: Results1. Established technical prerequisites in order to increase throughput capacity. 2. Improved working conditions of the employees of the BCP. 3. Improved conditions for performing customs, border and other types of control. 4. Improved conditions for border-crossing for disabled people. Outputs: Narva-1 1. Reconstruction project for Narva-1 drawn up 2. Narva-1 reconstructed and equipped ABCP-Ivangorod 1. Construction project for pedestrian terminal drawn up 2. New pedestrian terminal constructed and equipped 3. Sidewalk and its fence tunnel reconstructed 4. Priority areas (incl. bus area) on the basis of design documents reconstructed Narva-2 5. Pedestrian bridge expertise carried out 6. Depending on the results of examination of the pedestrian bridge reconstruction project drawn up, pedestrian bridge renovated, fence tunnel constructed 7. BCP upgraded and equipped PBCP 1. Existing buildings demolished 2. Construction project for new terminal drawn up, terminal constructed and equipped 3. BCP area landscaped and bank stabilized

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  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia-Latvia-Russia ENPI CBC
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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