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Competencies and Transferable Skills: eService Solutions for the Energy Sector
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

The CATS project will develop a set of frameworks, tools and systems to support the future growth and diversification of the European Energy Sector. The partnership will develop competency frameworks for a wide range of sub-sectors including both traditional and renewable technologies, produce interactive online competency assessment and impact assessment tools, guidance manuals and an eService solution based on constructivist learning theory. These products will be used by employers in the energy sector, current employees, careers advisors, engage new entrants to a growing sector, and support the work of skills agencies and sector skills academies. The growth and development of the EU Energy Sector is key to the aim of achieving energy independence for the region, and the move to renewables must happen to achieve the EU's Climate and Energy Package (Energy 20/20/20). In order to achieve these goals a skilled and flexible workforce is vital, and commentators have noted that skills gaps are the greatest threat to achieving these policy aims. In research conducted in power stations by the applicant in every case the organisations highlighted major skills shortages which they predict will become skills gaps by 2012. These are the result of many factors, notably an aging workforce, lack of new entrants into the sector, lack of multi-skilling, a poor understanding of skills gained in other sub-sectors, and the demand for skilled workers from other non-energy sector companies. The ESP project seeks to impact on all of these areas to develop the capacity to deliver the energy policy goals of national governments and the EU. It will empower energy companies and individuals to engage in true lifelong learning, career planning and development, encourage new entrants into the sector, and provide guidance for training strategies and recognition of competency gained in other sectors, enhancing the mobility of individuals and the productivity of the European Energy Sector.
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